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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Beginnings

Life Brings you many obstacle's. I was do to have my blog up yesterday. As many of you know I am a nurse in my real life and I have been caring for a private duty patient for a very long time. So I was playing with the idea of making an applique' quilt. So I took the Merry and Bright line that I was asked to create a quilt and I went forward with it. I am not a super fast person when it comes to making quilts. However I I found that as I was making this quilt I would do a few different things. I wanted to use higher loft batting and tight quilting on my domestic machine as I am teaching domestic machine quilting at my local quilt shop. So with that said let me tell you a few thing about me and this quilt.

My patient who we will call Maxine for her protection. Maxine was a wonderful woman who came from a very influential family. Her husband a very accomplished doctor of chemistry, a daughter who has her doctorate in education and teaches Spanish and Portuguese at a prominent university here on the east coast, a son with his masters in finance and is quite successful in his field of work, all of whom have treated all of us who cared for Maxine with a tremendous sense of respect and have been incredibly generous. I showed Maxine this quilt last week and she asked me if these flowers came from her back yard. I told her no I am sorry but it's winter and there is snow on the ground. She told me that she loved this and wanted to know if I would continue to bring this with me so she could have the chance to hold it as I think it brought her a sense of peace.

Sunday which was the 29th Maxine scum to her illness and passed away. It was very quick and very peaceful. I decided to name this quilt "- - - - - Flower Garden aka Maxine's Flower Garden as she loved this quilt so much.

So here is what I had the pleasure to play with:

Merry and Bright is a great collection filled with a great many bright fabrics. I love how the colors pop on a white background.

All I can say is that when life gets in the way it detours you to reflect and think of how things need to go. I truly believe that this quilt is named appropriately as she loved the all the colors and pattern. My AccuQuilt Go Cuter, the electric version of the line of cutters was used to cut the flowers the leaves and the swag around the flowers. So I hope you all enjoyed this quilt and the story behind it. When life is meant to provide you flowers some of you just get a quilt with those on it.

I would like to say thank you to Katie and Elizabeth from Island Batik Fabric for everything they do to make our group so special.

All I have to do is put beautiful purple binding on then I am done. I must say that I try not to disappoint people and I hope you all forgive me for taking so much time in finishing this project.

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