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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Boarders and Bindings Oh My!!!

Hi my quilt peeps! I know that we all have been busy getting these projects finish as well as all who are going to quilt market. For those who are going to Quilt Market and Quilt Festival, safe travels and enjoy. Please post pics as for those who aren't able to go would love to see all the new and exciting things for the up coming season.

For this months challenge we were to do some king of border and binding technique'. I also added medallions to this project using Leah Day's Medallions. These were featured in this months Quilty Box. Click the link below and check this out. 

                                                               Quilty Box

 How neat are these:

I used her medallions as corner stones as part of the border. How awesome these look and how blessed was I do get my favorite color... The block for this quilt is 3D and called Fabric Origami. And when I say it was easy to do, that is an understatement...

I got the cream colored background fabric and this luscious maroon fabric... As you can see I alternated the block to add dimension.

 So for the first border I used Blue Moon Strip pack. I just love all the beautiful designs in the package.

The outer border uses yardage from the same line. I love this fabric... I think I may have to ge me some more of this line... OOOH La La!!!

 I finished the binding by adding prairie points to part of the border then the remaining binding is made in the traditional manner

The quilting I did very simply as I didn't want to take away from the dimension of the 3D block... I hope you have enjoyed this post. #iloveislandbatikfabric #ilovequilting #fabricoragami #bordersandbindings

Friday, September 29, 2017

To Quilt or Not to Quilt!!! That is the Question

I am pondering the future of this business as a whole. The choice of to or not to quilt for customers is a choice that is sometimes very hard for some to make. Do you machine or hand quilt? Do you quilt for pleasure or for business. I love to teach free motion quilting and have done very well at my local quilt shop in Lakeville, MA Homestead Quilting and Fabrics . I teach Free Motion Quilting 101 and Free Motion Quilting 102 on a domestic machine. You'd be surprised at how many ladies come to class and say that they are not talented enough for try anything like pebbles or swirls, never mind the thought of feathers or crosshatching on a domestic machine. And ruler work, Pfffff! Not me!!!! No Way Jose'!!!! Not me I can't do that, are you crazy. On a domestic machine well think about it. if you have the right tools and the patience, (and yes patience is a virtue when it comes to quilting)!!!! Really it is!. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to do! Why is it that you convince yourself that you cannot do quilting on a domestic machine? Quilting icon Leah Day started quilting on a domestic machine and has become a guru on machine quilting. She and other very talented people quilt not only on a long arm but on a domestic machine. Now in my situation I am lucky enough to have taken classes from national well know teachers who are at the top of their field. 

What to focus on as your direct talent in this industry has always puzzled me. I love to teach so many things that I get lost in the fun of it. So out of all the things I love to do in quilting what is the one thing I should focus on. Free Motion Quilting, well I have succeeded in doing that but the industry is very swamped with Free Motion Quilting Teachers that I have not gotten one job in any show that would make and decent money. So what is next that I like to do? I love teaching techniques. There are so many. Applique Foundation Paper Piecing. I can teach these techniques with my eyes closed. However, there are so many out there who can tech that and it's their specialty. I can teach about thread painting and how to take a project and add dimension to it with thread. Ya, that's been done. Look at Melinda Bula. She is so talented with her Renegade Thread Play. Her talent teaches us how to master the use of your machine and add shading dimension through fusible art work. Oh ya BTW (By the Way) for those who don't know Melinda will be teaching at the Connections Quilt Festival in Nashua, NH November 9th 10th, and 11th. Be sure to come by. if you are interested check out their website as they have a fabulous line up of teachers coming this year.

I am taking a new teacher certification class with Sulky Thread where I will learn some new techniques I can teach you after I get my certification. Sulky Thread is where my heart is. I am an Endorsed Designer. I am thrilled to be associated with Kelly Nagel and her team at Sulky. I look forward to this new class and the future that comes my way. I will be doing a few thing this fall and winter to reinvent and restructure my way of teaching and also working on a brand new website for all of you to drool over.So for those who have been searching for my site, fear not I haven't been hacked I am redoing the site and for now my blog is the only site up and available. I will be debuting a brand new website soon so hold onto you seats. Good things coming your way. 

So to answer the question of what to or what not to teach, what is it you think I should focus on. I love techniques. I enjoy teaching but the one thing to focus on is what I am asking you. So Please!!! Message me here or on my Facebook page for your thoughts.

Thank you for listening to me rant a wee bit!!! Stay Happy and Keep Sewing!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back to School with Dick and Jane.

Back and I mean way back in the day of grammar school in the 60's I recall my parents making sure we had all we needed to start the Back to School Blog Hop is just that back to school.

So with that said I as a child was given every year the usual new shoes and new outfits or at least new to me. Though we didn't have a ton of money one thing my grandmother always managed to do is to give us a new blanket or quilt every year. See my grandmother and mother taught me to sew and quilt when I was 5years old on an old fashion treadle machine. That machine now long gone from a fire I have kept sewing on various machines. 

The line of fabric I was given this year was Rise and Shine! I love this fabric. Very simple but with a sense of country tied into it.
I love the fun primary colors that we learn about in kindergarten. Luscious yellows, bright blues, Watermelon Reds and earth blowing greens that just tied the whole quilt together.

 Here is the full view of the finished quilt minus binding. Yes I am bad I didn't have time for binding which will be in red. The yellow I used Sweet Nectar fabric because I needed a piece large enough for border. I love how it fit right in.

 Very fitting for back to school is to have the American made pencil (Ticonderoga Pencil) along side of the ever loving composition notebook and text book.

 When I was in Kindergarten I was especially loving the fact that I was part of the classic Dick & Jane book series. One of my favorite books as a child.

When I was having issue with my sweet Jazzy Janome and she finally met her maker after some 800 quilts I was forced to obtain a new machine. So I looked into something newer. 

 Meet my new baby!!! I am still looking for a name for her so if you have suggestions please feel free to make a comment here.

 She makes super feathers

And what's better is I mastered how to do ribbon candy quilt design by watching a video by Debby Brown. Love me Ribbon Candy 

 I also love making swirls.

I used a great variegated thread by Sulky of America. Thank you Kelly Nagel for all my pretty Thread. This quilt sparked a new journey in this business for me to take an online class offered by Sulky to become a certified teacher. So Beginning in October I will be going back to school with Sulky!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!

So here we go, Who loves give-a-ways?  
Here's how to enter:
Follow my blog, Leave a comment here, and tell me what you like about this project. Your name will be entered into a drawing for a package of Island Batik Fabrics. 
Doesn't it look yummy!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Island Batik Box Reveal #2

How great it was to open this box. The amount of fabric that we get from Island Batik is amazing. I hope you all like what I got. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Oh Baby!!!

Oh Baby!!!! Ooh lala!!!!!
I have to say when this theme came out I was torn as I never thought I would be making a baby quilt. But with the collection Rise and Shine I was able to implement colors and simplicity to create something. As I contemplated what to do I enjoyed some time with my baby boy who isn't a baby any longer who surprised me with the day he was arriving for a visit. He took leave from the Air Force to come enjoy some of the beautiful Cape Cod weather, see friends, family and squeeze in some mommy son time which I savor because it is far and few between the amount I can see him. Then I was torn in leaving because I had already signed up to take classes and attend the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Maine Quilt Show. I took classes with Pat Delaney, saw the oh so popular Debby Brown from Debby Brown Quilts, and share a room with a very good friend of mine Linda Pearl. We certainly enjoyed ourselves with the conversation of hotel sewing.  

We first began by setting up shop with our sewing machines and other tools of the trade.  Then of course we needed to set up a cutting table which meant the TV had to be moved. After all of that we had to go and relax which meant dinner at Margarita's which consisted of som yummolicious mexican food followed by a coconut martini. So scrumptious that having two would be a devilish act. Then nothing would be accomplished. Both Linda and I completed projects and felt awesome with what we had done.

 After dinner dessert was definitely a very needed item since we had a suite I just had to have gelato. My friend Teri Lucas from Generation Q Magazine Suggested this brand for which I had already known about it. It is so lethal that just a scoop or two is so not enough. Let's just say that it took only a day or so for me to finish this jar of lusciousness.

So then on day three the Oh Baby quilt had to be created. I used leftover fabric from this bundle, as well as my fabric from Rise and Shine. Island Batik definitely out did themselves with the accepting the creation of this line... 

Simple piecing for a simple yet snuggly baby quilt.


 Simplicity at it's best

 What better way to quilt this quilt that is simple in design, then to add simple large scale stipples to it.

I started with a simple blog using my Accuquilt Go Big! 

        And then choosing a block to make using the Accquilt Go! Cube. Talk about how easy it was to cut this quilt out. It took me about an hour to cut everything I needed to make this nine block quilt.  

And above is the piece de resistance' A baby quilt made for a future snuggly baby. But, until then it will be in my stash to use for trunk shows... Onward and upward to start my next quilt. Truth be told I don't care for Quilt As You Go technique but that's the theme and I am sticking to it.  Until next time stay happy and keep quilting!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

When Life Throws You Lemons You Create Curves

Life for this project threw me many curves, that suddenly turned into lemons. Some of my fellow Ambassadors knew my Jazzy Janome had to get repaired and it took much longer than I ever thought. But low and behold Jazzy is up running and working just Marvelous!!!! 

My fabric choice for this project was from Rise and Shine

And I had a blast to finally make this wall hanging.

 What in the world would come of all this fabric that has been fused.

 I used Sue Peland's Leaves Galore Ruler to make my curvy strips

It makes the best curvy strips...

 So then I wanted to make a center piece for my project, so I fused a sun on top of those curvy strips.

 Then came quilting... This was the most tedious because This was when Jazy broke down and needed the timing fixed. Ugh!!! I hate when that happens... However you can see I got this quilted and this bad boy up!!!

 I tried to quilt many designs. And wanted to mimic the curved strips around the sun of my curvy raise. 

Made a few feathers and ribbons. 

 I love how the red binding looks on this.

 But most of all I love how this spool of Wonder Fill from my friend Debby Brown from Debby Brown Quilts makes this quilt pop. I got this thread from her last November when I went to the Pinwheels Quilt show in western Mass. Debby is a Handi Quilter educator and is loaded with great ideas. Thank you Debby for my thread. It worked perfectly for this project...