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Friday, May 13, 2016

A New Life A New Beginning

Well quilters, I am here again to share with you a turning point in my business life. Where would I be if I didn't have the tenacity or drive to go forward. Where would I be if I didn't forge ahead or knock on doors. Many of the people I have run into in life have told me I have been pushy, rude, bothersome, and intimidating. I am blessed to know many of you in this business. I think I have gained great respect from many of you. And I think unless I am completely crazy I think many of you think of me as a down to earth individual.

Today on Facebook, there was a photo with a statement on it that said today is the Close Friend Day"

I am blessed because I received this back to me from one of my Facebook Friends Januari Rhodes. She is a quilter that I met on Facebook and she has given me a ton of guidance with regards to my quilting questions. With many early coffee chats that Januari and I have had, she and I seem to get along quite well here and I hope I get to sometime meet her in person. She seems to be quite down to earth herself.

After chatting today with her and with other people on Facebook I have decided to create a new banding and logo for my quilting business. This will include a new logo, new business cards with new logo, and the logo will follow brochures and post cards. And if that isn't enough maybe a banner will be done sometime. One of my goals is to teach at national shows. I am keeping fingers crossed for AQS week for 2017.

I keep my fingers crossed and dreams within reach as I accomplish my goals... I did reached one of my goals this year which I was skeptical that it may even become reality. I hosted my own weekend Spring Quilt Retreat. I have to say it was a huge success and the hotel treated us with 5 star patrons. I can't say enough for the Hampton Inn in Yarmouth, MA. The General Manager of the hotel is the sweetest person I know and making bags for her charity was an easy task, and not a requirement by any means but I was happy to help her out, as I have done in the past...

So here goes the grueling task. I will be sharing on social media and posting an update frequently here on my blog. and spreading the word on my newsletters. If you don't already subscribe to my newsletter and want to email me at: and in the subject line write Newsletter. Also if you want to see something for sale on my online store. Email me about that too, I would love to hear from you.

So I am reaching out to all of you who know and respect me. I am seeking ideas for a new logo. Want this journey to be that of a positive one. I want to hear from you... Give me your thoughts ideas and concerns. I really want to hear from you....

As I will often say to you all stay happy keep smiling, and keep quilting!

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