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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Don't You Just Love Eye Candy

Good Afternoon Quilters,
I had a wonderful surprise phone call on  Friday from Kelly Nagel,Social Media Manager from Sulky Thread of America We chatted about all kinds of ideas projects, and all things Sulky...  So as the conversation continued, we chatted on what products I would try first from Sulky and boy what a thrill on Blueberry Hill!! I got the neatest package of all kinds of yumminess...
So in the box came all of the yummy thread you see. Some for piecing and some for quilting. Then there is the temporary basting spray that trust me it has no smell, and
I will quote Sulky "Safe for You" "Safe for Our Planet" Non toxic Odorless and Clear.
Also it is Ozone Friendly.
Interfacing: Tear Away, Cut Away, and Iron On Cut Away Permanent Stabilizer Water Soluble Stabilizer that is super for Foundation Paper Piecing.
Want to know more about Sulky, check out their blog Sukly's Blog
I have to say this is one of the greatest things I has ever happened to me... So super excited to be involved with Kelly and her team... Also check out their website and check out the free webinar... I am joining in on won tonight and will write about it tomorrow...
Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Sally's Quilting Corner and what happens next with Sulky...

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