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Friday, December 4, 2015

Welcome to the 4th day of the 31Day Blog Writing Challenge

Good Morning Bloggers,

I wanted to share with you on day four of this challenge that many good things are happening for me. My long arm quilting business in staying steady this holiday season. I continue to receive inquiries to about my business and things I offer. I continue to post what is happening with teaching and customer quilts... I was incredibly lucky to get a quilt from a customer a while back and posted on my Facebook page #whatsonsallysframetoday... I try very hard to do this as frequently as I can. However, life does get in the way.... So I will share her quilt here.

My customer who shall remain anonymous made this quilt for Christmas she did a beautiful job with such a simple Rail Fence design... She asked me to do simple meandering on this quilt. And as I always say the customer is always right...

I love her fabric selection and yes, I don't mind the meander design on this quilt although there is so many things that one can do with a quilt like this... I hope she likes it when I deliver it to her on Monday...

I hope to be able to show more of my work here as I am quilting and doing more intense quilting designs since taking my long arm quilting class with Jamie Wallen who I know I can call teacher, confidant, and friend. He is a super teacher, who has a tremendous amount of compassion and patience with is students. His talents are those that are hard to match.

So this that said I am off to the land of escape for the weekend and will be missing a post for this challenge on Saturday and Sunday as tomorrow is my birthday... Yes I am going to be the big 5-0.
Yes I think at age 50 it is time for a complete turn around in life not only personal but for business...

I hope all enjoy this holiday season. Wishing all a Merry Christmas Season and as always:

Stay Happy and Keep Quilting
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