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Monday, December 14, 2015

Act Quick

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The Sign of New Beginings

As we come to the end of 2015, I would like to share some new things that are happening here in my side of the world. Many of you know I changed things on my website Sally's Quilting Corner well as I changed things there I have changed things here a bit too.

The time has come where I need to update, modernize, and spruce things up a little bit. So when I changed things up a bit there I thought my blog here should follow suit. Many of you have expressed how much you liked the changes on my website, so I decided after I taught class today, that I would play here and do some housekeeping and make a few other changes. Please let me know here what you think of everything.

So here are few new things happening here at Sally's Quilting Corner. I have exciting news to share with everyone... I got the official word that I will be part of the Sulky Thread Designer Endorsement Program... This is very exciting new for me as they also will be a sponsor for the book I am working on.
How exciting can this get!!! They will be doing a lot with my project as Northcott Fabric has and I invite you to visit their site at Sulky Thread for all they have to offer. I will be posting and sharing here and in newsletters all of the offers going on with Sulky so stay tuned for that...
Share with me what you think of this exciting news. I would love to hear from you.
Also if you haven't done so feel free to sign-up for my newsletter by emailing me at and in the subject line write Newsletter.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 6 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

I must say I have no guilt in the fact that I missed the 5th day of this challenge. And I missed it for excellent reasons. Yesterday I hit a milestone in my life... I turned the Big 50 yes you read this right I turned 50 years young yesterday... Life has been for the most part not to bad for me in this the first half of what I call a wonderful life. I of course hit many struggles along the way and yes my favorite quote for 2016 is "The Struggle is Real"! And it is very real... Among all the bullying the harassment
I have endured I have come very far in  life. I have let negativity and toxicity leave my life. I simply have no room for it anymore.  

So with all of that said I will share with you the best Birthday ever.... Yesterday December 5th 2015 was I day I shall remember for a very long time. I came up to see a friend of mine and my husbands for the weekend. Dinner Friday and we had a great time laughing and joking... Of course since they knew I was turning 50 they all got their digs in and ribbed me about being "Over the Hill", Crotchety, Gimpy, Old Lady and my favorite from my husband "Old Coldie" is usually is go to line... 

So now that, all if that ended my rule to them was to be kind on the actual birthday... No joking or Ribbing allowed. However, husbands usually don't follow direction well. I got my hair cut with a totally new and different style. Pictures will follow soon... Then of course I needed the sacrificial highlighting done to cover the gray, and there was quite a bit of it...
then we did some shopping and I found a great coat at Chic to Chic a consignment shop near my friends house... I got a jacket from Banana Republic and I loved it... Typically it would probably got for over "150-" for that store. Well I got it for $25.00. Super cute and fantastic price. Plus I found the best little Vera Bradley bag for my sewing notions when I travel.. $10- again a fantastic deal... Lunch at Longhorn Steak House was yummy and then back to the house for a relaxing evening... Played a game watched TV and and then decided it was time for pizza and some cake. All in all a fabulous birthday... 

I have top thank my husband for being the best that he is, as he was part of making my milestone birthday a great day... My friend Christina for planning the day and she pegged it right... She is a really good friend and I am thrilled she is going to be around in my second part of my life... Thanks Christina for making my special day Super for me...

Well with all of that said I want to thank everyone on Facebook, all 179+ who posted on my wall with all the great Birthday wishes... I never realized everyone liked me so much... 

Hope all of you enjoy the day and as always:

Stay Happy and Keep Quilting.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Welcome to the 4th day of the 31Day Blog Writing Challenge

Good Morning Bloggers,

I wanted to share with you on day four of this challenge that many good things are happening for me. My long arm quilting business in staying steady this holiday season. I continue to receive inquiries to about my business and things I offer. I continue to post what is happening with teaching and customer quilts... I was incredibly lucky to get a quilt from a customer a while back and posted on my Facebook page #whatsonsallysframetoday... I try very hard to do this as frequently as I can. However, life does get in the way.... So I will share her quilt here.

My customer who shall remain anonymous made this quilt for Christmas she did a beautiful job with such a simple Rail Fence design... She asked me to do simple meandering on this quilt. And as I always say the customer is always right...

I love her fabric selection and yes, I don't mind the meander design on this quilt although there is so many things that one can do with a quilt like this... I hope she likes it when I deliver it to her on Monday...

I hope to be able to show more of my work here as I am quilting and doing more intense quilting designs since taking my long arm quilting class with Jamie Wallen who I know I can call teacher, confidant, and friend. He is a super teacher, who has a tremendous amount of compassion and patience with is students. His talents are those that are hard to match.

So this that said I am off to the land of escape for the weekend and will be missing a post for this challenge on Saturday and Sunday as tomorrow is my birthday... Yes I am going to be the big 5-0.
Yes I think at age 50 it is time for a complete turn around in life not only personal but for business...

I hope all enjoy this holiday season. Wishing all a Merry Christmas Season and as always:

Stay Happy and Keep Quilting

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Good Morning Quilter's it's Wednesday December 3rd and we are on day 3 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. I am seeking your assistance. As I have expressed myself in the past that I am under going changes in life. I need to streamline many aspects. One is my website which has been done. The new change has proven to be very positive. I have gotten many good responses as to the layout, accessibility, and the response on my photo gallery was awesome! I thank all of you who reached out to me on Facebook and expressed how much you liked the change... This makes me Quilty Happy!!!

So with that said, I am seeking design advice for This my blog. I am wanting to make this more streamlined and modern in appearance. So I'm asking you to give me what you would like to see. I must say I am thrilled to share with you on a daily basis. It gives me a reason to be more disciplined and organized in a business way.  I like to give thanks to Cheryl Sleboda
from 31 Day Blog Challenge  she and Linda Pearl from One Quilting Circle and check out all who have gotten involved. These two women have done so much for me they can't even know.

So I can say I have started on a good track. Linda has not only been a good friend but she has educated me to be a better person in business. How lucky can a girl get to have someone like Linda to give the guidance. If you ever need help with your website and you get stumped find Linda she's a wiz at stuff like this.

Now for fun stuff:

I just had to share with you the fun times at International Quilt Market where I couldn't resist but sit in this Volkswagen Bug... My friend Karen would be jealous. Life brings you opportunities you just can't turn away from. So many fun things happened and so many good business opportunities were presented to me.

I hope you all enjoy this post and tomorrow stay tuned for more exciting news from Sally's Quilting Corner.

As Always Stay Happy and Keep Quilting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome to Day two of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

Hello Quilty Bloggers,

If you don't already know if I am involved in a 31 Day blog writing challenge where I have been challenged my peer blogger Cheryl Sleboda from 31 Day Blog writing Challenge.... I am trying very hard as part of a new business plan to write something on my blog if not daily at least weekly. So with that said I would like to share a few things happening here at Sally's Quilting Corner...

Last night I debuted my websites new design and modern look. The goal is to show my followers how my website has evolved with the times. I invite you to visit my website at Sally's Quilting Corner and share with me here what you think of the renovation of my web page.

I am also excited to share with you that as of January 1st there are new changes coming to this blog and more to my other site. If there is something you would like to see please share with me I would love to hear from all of you...

Until December 3rd Stay Happy and Keep Quilting...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December 1st

First off I would like to say Happy 87th Birthday to my wonderful mother up in heaven. May she be up there shining her eyes on us.

Second I would like to throw a bone in the fire and say there is only 24 days til Christmas! yes I know that is distressing but it is reality.

Third I would like to invite you to take a tour of my newly designed website. 2016 will prove to show new exciting challenges for me and my business. So take a minute and stop on by for a tour to Sally's Quilting Corner the new look is streamlined and a bit more modern than I have had in the past, but as I grow in business so does my way to advertise. I hope you enjoy what you see. Want to make a comment about what you see feel free to comment here.

Now for why I am writing to all of you today. I am challenging all of you who have blogs to join myself and Linda Stewart Pearl from One Quilting Circle and many others to get involved in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Cheryl Sleboda of 31 Day Blog Challenge has put we bloggers to a challenge. The premise to this challenge is to write on your blog once a day for 31 days link back to 31 day Blog Challenge

So I quote Cheryl:                                    

  • "Post once a day on your blog!  Your first post can tell people you are participating in this challenge.  See?  Your first one is done! :)
  • Link back to this post so we can follow other people who are part of our challenge too! Please try to link back at least once a week.
  • Post your blog link below so we can follow along on your progress.
  • If you use social media, use the hashtag #31dayblogchallenge.
  • Please do NOT worry if you miss a day, the point is to try to blog daily to get in the habit!!  HAVE FUN!"
  • Some tips:
    • -Schedule blog posts for the holidays ahead of time!
    • -Feel free to grab the image above and use it in your posts.
    • -Have fun, because blogging shouldn’t be stressful!!

    So join in on the fun of this challenge.

    Have a Wonderful Day Stay Happy and Keep Quilting.