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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hi Quilters,

I have for the last two weeks began a new video series on #whatsonsallysframetoday. But as some of you have read on Facebook I have lost my voice. And today it is still kind of squeaky. So today's post will be a written post and hopefully next week I will be able to do a video.

Today's written post is all about appreciation. There are so many in this field that choose not to help. Do not care to address ones needs or just plan cares to ignore. I am so truly blessed on the people who have helped me. Have chosen to give me inspiration and guidance. There are so many I can mention but you would be reading a post that would go on and on and on. So with that said I am going to write an abridged version of who I would like to thank for their continued effort to support me without knocking me down or snubbing me off.

First I would like to thank two people who have been there to give me the support to continue to use the creativity that is obviously hidden inside of me. One of these two who I would love to refer to as the dynamic duo makes me think out of the box. Makes me push myself to the limits so I just may fall off the cliff creatively. Has put me in a place where I have released the modern side of the otherwise traditional personality that mostly shows when I design. Scott Hansen & Jake Finch from Generation Q Magazine are my dynamic duo who I will treasure as being there for me when I really did need them. Treat me with respect and just plan showed me and told me to forge ahead. This I have done and the outcome has been quite positive. I teach more I have had designs accepted more and now have more to come for the future. Thank you so much for all you both do for me. I only hope I can work with you one day on the magazine or on a project one day as I think we all would work well with one another.

Pat Sloan, how can I describe this perfectly creative professional, kind hearted, busy and ever contributing person. She in an instant without fail has always answered and email, a private message, or a question on a post. How this lady stays so busy. I swear if she sleeps it isn't for very long. She has a radio show, travels everywhere to teach and is very generous. Answers questions or concerns without fail. I am honored to have taken one of her classes. She is an excellent teacher. Always tries to make you go outside the box with color combination or with fabric designs. You would be surprised what looks good together. Thank you Pat for all your help and advice.

The talent of this next teacher, quilter, designer is amazing. Her teaching methods are awesome. Never leaves anyone behind. Not sure if it is her go to line " Does this help or Do you understand" and if you don't when there is a break or at the end of the class she is more than happy to help answer the questions you have. Her smile and personality brightens up a quilt show like fire. Thank to Kim Brunner for your kind hearted personality, especially when I was telling you about my new longarm and for showing interest when I shared my exciting news.

Last but not in anyway least is a man who when I listen and watch his videos I seem to connect very well with him. His teaching style is quite balanced and  is incredibly calming.  I am so exited to say I signed up to take one of his classes this year at International Quilt Festival in Houston. I am super thrilled to get hands on education from him. I am only describing Jamie Wallen.
The one person who viewed my new video series and gave me a fabulous description. I would have totally thought I need to delete it and redo. Obviously I did something right because his description of what he thought was "
Fantastic, watched it. Good audio AND video great job." Thank you for being so kind. I look forward to meeting you in Houston in October...
So with all of that said I guess I may have place a bright light bulb around these folks but honestly I want to thank then from my heart for being so kind and supportive...
I do hope you all have a wonderful day. As always Sew It Quilt It Love from Sally's Quilting Corner.

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