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Friday, July 10, 2015

Time To Create The Quilts

Morning Quilters,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped in making blocks for the quilts we will be constructing with the blocks everyone has made. A huge kudos to Northcott Fabric for donating the fabric. I can hardly wait to go to Quilt Market in Houston this fall to give a special thank you to them for their continued generosity. Stay tuned for pictures of all the blocks everyone has made and for a quilt that I have been working on to construct.

All of these quilts will be going to Veterans or their family who have PTSD or have a loved one lost from this disorder. Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center has been most helpful in helping locate those in need. This project which has been very well received by so many that I can hardly wait to share with everyone the finished quilts...

So with that said I am seeking assistance from anyone who wishes to take a patriotic panel and blocks plus coordinating fabric and piece a top and message me via email or private message on Facebook with a photo of yourself with the finished top. This will go along way to sharing how many individuals actually got involved in the creation of these quilts.

If you are interested please contact me so I can get the blocks together and extra material for you to construct a top. All quilts will me mailed with a plastic bag and priority envelope postage paid for you to return to me.

As we near the end of this project, I would like to mention some of the guidelines that need to met for these quilts.
          A) If you have blocks you have been working on please send them back. If you can't make them, this is ok life gets in the way. Just send the material back so I can make blocks or use material to construct tops.
          B) When making the tops please remember the deadline are very important because
I need to put these on the frame to quilt and then bind so that I can have these completed by Veteran's Day to be passed out to those individuals in need.
          Thank you for all your hard work... I am proud to have worked with all of you in this project.

This quilt has the panel in it that we will be using from Northcott Fabric. The quilt in this photo hung at Quilt Market in Houston last October in the Northcott Booth. The idea I am thinking about is the blocks made we could implement with the panel and coordinating fabrics. Size isn't an issue. If you can get a large lap quilt out of this than that works for me. So lets see who can help me out...

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