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Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Veteran Block Drive

Good Morning Quilters,

 I want to share with you all the block for May. We are well on our way to getting quilt tops put together. You all have done such a wonderful job with the blocks you have made so far. Blocks for March and April are due and if you have participated in the block drive and have blocks sending them would be greatly appreciated. I would love to put the blocks you have into a quilt. So if you have these two months worth of blocks please send my way. If you have a problem or questions you know how to get in touch with me. Northcott Fabric was gracious and sent an entire bolt of fabric for the backing of these quilts.

These are blocks from Laurie one of the quilters who have made these fantastic blocks.

I am gearing up to release May's Block and I hope you all join me in making these blocks.
This coming month the block is smaller and is a we bit of a challenge. Like I haven't done that to you all before. 
This coming month is two blocks you choose which one you would like to make. The soldier is going to be put with other blocks that have been made and the second block is called
 Drunkards Path and will be used to make stripes for a flag. Let me know if you want to join in on the fun and which block you wish to make.

 I am looking for 60 of them in total. I will be providing like always the fabric to make these blocks and the directions I promise I will make the direction more detailed. Cross my heart and hope to well you know what I mean!

So with this month's block since there is more blocks we have longer to do them. I think this could be for the month of May and June. Blocks will be due end of June.

If you want to participate with May and Junes block please connect with me via Facebook or message me on my business page at Sally's Quilting Corner Sew It Quilt It Love It .

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