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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Superbowl Sunday Quilters

February 19,2015:::

Good Afternoon quilters. I hope all of you are doing well this Thursday. With all the snow flying around I hope all of you are sewing up a storm. I want to thank all of you who contacted me and join me in making blocks. As you know I have been very sick the better part of this month so I would like to start fresh in the Month of March with the block I showed below. I will be mailing those people who are interested in making blocks the material and instructions this weekend. Remember these blocks are being used as part of the quilt that will be created. Northcott Fabrics has generously donated panels of their Stonehenge line and coordinating fabric to go with the panels. Finished quilt blocks are 24" and need to be mailed back to me to the address provided in the kit. Typically I would like to have blocks done within  30 days but if you need extra time that is fine. A new block will be shown each month and the block drive will end the weekend of Veterans Day this November.

Feel free to email me of message me here or on my Facebook page at Sally's Quilting Corner with any questions...


Good Afternoon quilters I am here wishing all of you a happy and save Superbowl Sunday...

I am inviting you quilters to join me in a project that supports out veterans.
The name of the project is "Quilts Heal Too" The focus is to make 24" blocks from fabric I provide and send the blocks back to me. I have the patterns and there is no cost to you accept for the cost of  to send the blocks back to me. I will send you the material and pattern for the blocks. 4 blocks each will be sent out for you to construct. I will take the blocks and construct them into a lap size quilt  for soldiers who have been injured either physically or psychologically from war.
We all must remember that our military is still very active over seas and these men and women still have a chance to become injured and have gotten injured, or have seen someone become injured. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a very real disorder and soldiers suffer more and more each day.
Our first block starting this month is the Patriotic 4 Patch

If you are interested in playing along all you have to do is find me on Facebook or email me at:
and in the subject line type Quilts Heal Too. I would love for you to join me...