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Monday, December 14, 2015

Act Quick

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The Sign of New Beginings

As we come to the end of 2015, I would like to share some new things that are happening here in my side of the world. Many of you know I changed things on my website Sally's Quilting Corner well as I changed things there I have changed things here a bit too.

The time has come where I need to update, modernize, and spruce things up a little bit. So when I changed things up a bit there I thought my blog here should follow suit. Many of you have expressed how much you liked the changes on my website, so I decided after I taught class today, that I would play here and do some housekeeping and make a few other changes. Please let me know here what you think of everything.

So here are few new things happening here at Sally's Quilting Corner. I have exciting news to share with everyone... I got the official word that I will be part of the Sulky Thread Designer Endorsement Program... This is very exciting new for me as they also will be a sponsor for the book I am working on.
How exciting can this get!!! They will be doing a lot with my project as Northcott Fabric has and I invite you to visit their site at Sulky Thread for all they have to offer. I will be posting and sharing here and in newsletters all of the offers going on with Sulky so stay tuned for that...
Share with me what you think of this exciting news. I would love to hear from you.
Also if you haven't done so feel free to sign-up for my newsletter by emailing me at and in the subject line write Newsletter.

Sulky® Sulky is a registered trademark of Sulky of America.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 6 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,

I must say I have no guilt in the fact that I missed the 5th day of this challenge. And I missed it for excellent reasons. Yesterday I hit a milestone in my life... I turned the Big 50 yes you read this right I turned 50 years young yesterday... Life has been for the most part not to bad for me in this the first half of what I call a wonderful life. I of course hit many struggles along the way and yes my favorite quote for 2016 is "The Struggle is Real"! And it is very real... Among all the bullying the harassment
I have endured I have come very far in  life. I have let negativity and toxicity leave my life. I simply have no room for it anymore.  

So with all of that said I will share with you the best Birthday ever.... Yesterday December 5th 2015 was I day I shall remember for a very long time. I came up to see a friend of mine and my husbands for the weekend. Dinner Friday and we had a great time laughing and joking... Of course since they knew I was turning 50 they all got their digs in and ribbed me about being "Over the Hill", Crotchety, Gimpy, Old Lady and my favorite from my husband "Old Coldie" is usually is go to line... 

So now that, all if that ended my rule to them was to be kind on the actual birthday... No joking or Ribbing allowed. However, husbands usually don't follow direction well. I got my hair cut with a totally new and different style. Pictures will follow soon... Then of course I needed the sacrificial highlighting done to cover the gray, and there was quite a bit of it...
then we did some shopping and I found a great coat at Chic to Chic a consignment shop near my friends house... I got a jacket from Banana Republic and I loved it... Typically it would probably got for over "150-" for that store. Well I got it for $25.00. Super cute and fantastic price. Plus I found the best little Vera Bradley bag for my sewing notions when I travel.. $10- again a fantastic deal... Lunch at Longhorn Steak House was yummy and then back to the house for a relaxing evening... Played a game watched TV and and then decided it was time for pizza and some cake. All in all a fabulous birthday... 

I have top thank my husband for being the best that he is, as he was part of making my milestone birthday a great day... My friend Christina for planning the day and she pegged it right... She is a really good friend and I am thrilled she is going to be around in my second part of my life... Thanks Christina for making my special day Super for me...

Well with all of that said I want to thank everyone on Facebook, all 179+ who posted on my wall with all the great Birthday wishes... I never realized everyone liked me so much... 

Hope all of you enjoy the day and as always:

Stay Happy and Keep Quilting.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Welcome to the 4th day of the 31Day Blog Writing Challenge

Good Morning Bloggers,

I wanted to share with you on day four of this challenge that many good things are happening for me. My long arm quilting business in staying steady this holiday season. I continue to receive inquiries to about my business and things I offer. I continue to post what is happening with teaching and customer quilts... I was incredibly lucky to get a quilt from a customer a while back and posted on my Facebook page #whatsonsallysframetoday... I try very hard to do this as frequently as I can. However, life does get in the way.... So I will share her quilt here.

My customer who shall remain anonymous made this quilt for Christmas she did a beautiful job with such a simple Rail Fence design... She asked me to do simple meandering on this quilt. And as I always say the customer is always right...

I love her fabric selection and yes, I don't mind the meander design on this quilt although there is so many things that one can do with a quilt like this... I hope she likes it when I deliver it to her on Monday...

I hope to be able to show more of my work here as I am quilting and doing more intense quilting designs since taking my long arm quilting class with Jamie Wallen who I know I can call teacher, confidant, and friend. He is a super teacher, who has a tremendous amount of compassion and patience with is students. His talents are those that are hard to match.

So this that said I am off to the land of escape for the weekend and will be missing a post for this challenge on Saturday and Sunday as tomorrow is my birthday... Yes I am going to be the big 5-0.
Yes I think at age 50 it is time for a complete turn around in life not only personal but for business...

I hope all enjoy this holiday season. Wishing all a Merry Christmas Season and as always:

Stay Happy and Keep Quilting

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Good Morning Quilter's it's Wednesday December 3rd and we are on day 3 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. I am seeking your assistance. As I have expressed myself in the past that I am under going changes in life. I need to streamline many aspects. One is my website which has been done. The new change has proven to be very positive. I have gotten many good responses as to the layout, accessibility, and the response on my photo gallery was awesome! I thank all of you who reached out to me on Facebook and expressed how much you liked the change... This makes me Quilty Happy!!!

So with that said, I am seeking design advice for This my blog. I am wanting to make this more streamlined and modern in appearance. So I'm asking you to give me what you would like to see. I must say I am thrilled to share with you on a daily basis. It gives me a reason to be more disciplined and organized in a business way.  I like to give thanks to Cheryl Sleboda
from 31 Day Blog Challenge  she and Linda Pearl from One Quilting Circle and check out all who have gotten involved. These two women have done so much for me they can't even know.

So I can say I have started on a good track. Linda has not only been a good friend but she has educated me to be a better person in business. How lucky can a girl get to have someone like Linda to give the guidance. If you ever need help with your website and you get stumped find Linda she's a wiz at stuff like this.

Now for fun stuff:

I just had to share with you the fun times at International Quilt Market where I couldn't resist but sit in this Volkswagen Bug... My friend Karen would be jealous. Life brings you opportunities you just can't turn away from. So many fun things happened and so many good business opportunities were presented to me.

I hope you all enjoy this post and tomorrow stay tuned for more exciting news from Sally's Quilting Corner.

As Always Stay Happy and Keep Quilting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome to Day two of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

Hello Quilty Bloggers,

If you don't already know if I am involved in a 31 Day blog writing challenge where I have been challenged my peer blogger Cheryl Sleboda from 31 Day Blog writing Challenge.... I am trying very hard as part of a new business plan to write something on my blog if not daily at least weekly. So with that said I would like to share a few things happening here at Sally's Quilting Corner...

Last night I debuted my websites new design and modern look. The goal is to show my followers how my website has evolved with the times. I invite you to visit my website at Sally's Quilting Corner and share with me here what you think of the renovation of my web page.

I am also excited to share with you that as of January 1st there are new changes coming to this blog and more to my other site. If there is something you would like to see please share with me I would love to hear from all of you...

Until December 3rd Stay Happy and Keep Quilting...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December 1st

First off I would like to say Happy 87th Birthday to my wonderful mother up in heaven. May she be up there shining her eyes on us.

Second I would like to throw a bone in the fire and say there is only 24 days til Christmas! yes I know that is distressing but it is reality.

Third I would like to invite you to take a tour of my newly designed website. 2016 will prove to show new exciting challenges for me and my business. So take a minute and stop on by for a tour to Sally's Quilting Corner the new look is streamlined and a bit more modern than I have had in the past, but as I grow in business so does my way to advertise. I hope you enjoy what you see. Want to make a comment about what you see feel free to comment here.

Now for why I am writing to all of you today. I am challenging all of you who have blogs to join myself and Linda Stewart Pearl from One Quilting Circle and many others to get involved in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Cheryl Sleboda of 31 Day Blog Challenge has put we bloggers to a challenge. The premise to this challenge is to write on your blog once a day for 31 days link back to 31 day Blog Challenge

So I quote Cheryl:                                    

  • "Post once a day on your blog!  Your first post can tell people you are participating in this challenge.  See?  Your first one is done! :)
  • Link back to this post so we can follow other people who are part of our challenge too! Please try to link back at least once a week.
  • Post your blog link below so we can follow along on your progress.
  • If you use social media, use the hashtag #31dayblogchallenge.
  • Please do NOT worry if you miss a day, the point is to try to blog daily to get in the habit!!  HAVE FUN!"
  • Some tips:
    • -Schedule blog posts for the holidays ahead of time!
    • -Feel free to grab the image above and use it in your posts.
    • -Have fun, because blogging shouldn’t be stressful!!

    So join in on the fun of this challenge.

    Have a Wonderful Day Stay Happy and Keep Quilting.

    Friday, November 6, 2015

    Lookie Whose Teaching at MQS!!!

    Hi quilters I am super thrilled to announce I am teaching this coming may with some of the finest teachers in the country. I am teaching my "Woven Wonders" Class this in Cedar Rapids, Iowa...
    This is my first national show and I hope you can come and take my class. Let me share with you the wonderful things you can learn by weaving fabric... So head on over to Machine Quilters Showcase
    and check out my class and all of the other classes...
    You will be amazed what you walk out of the class with...
    If you have a sewing group or quilt guild that needs a program, visit my website at Sally's Quilting Corner to see what I have to offer.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    I'm A Cover Girl Once Again!

    Well Good Morning my Quilting peeps!!!! I woke up to some wonderful news. The new issue of Generation Q Magazine is out and boy did my eyes pop! I'm a Cover Girl Once Again!!!!!

    GenQ Sept Oct 2015 Cover
    "photo courtesy Generation Q Magazine.

    I will quote the blog post by Teri Lucas "Emerging designer Sally Johnson‘s quilt, Stairway to the Galaxy, stunned us silent (no easy feat) with it’s bold, graphic lines. It just HAD to be on the cover! So sweet to work with such supportive people like Jake, Scott, and Teri. How wonderful it is to see my creation on a cover.  I must say a special thanks to my friend and partner in quilting crime Kristi Ryan who did the quilting on this beauty.  And to Douglas Eagleson from Kona. How nice of him to help me with fabric so I can complete this project.  Check out their bog at Generation Q Magazine to see all they have to offer. I love this magazine and look forward to my issue every month.
    And as always a huge hug and thanks to some very special people who've supported me from the start of my quilting journey Generation Q Magazine: Scott Hansen, Jake Finch, and a special thanks to the ever loving Teri Lucas for putting up with me the past few days. You all rock.


    Wednesday, July 22, 2015


    Hi Quilters,

    I have for the last two weeks began a new video series on #whatsonsallysframetoday. But as some of you have read on Facebook I have lost my voice. And today it is still kind of squeaky. So today's post will be a written post and hopefully next week I will be able to do a video.

    Today's written post is all about appreciation. There are so many in this field that choose not to help. Do not care to address ones needs or just plan cares to ignore. I am so truly blessed on the people who have helped me. Have chosen to give me inspiration and guidance. There are so many I can mention but you would be reading a post that would go on and on and on. So with that said I am going to write an abridged version of who I would like to thank for their continued effort to support me without knocking me down or snubbing me off.

    First I would like to thank two people who have been there to give me the support to continue to use the creativity that is obviously hidden inside of me. One of these two who I would love to refer to as the dynamic duo makes me think out of the box. Makes me push myself to the limits so I just may fall off the cliff creatively. Has put me in a place where I have released the modern side of the otherwise traditional personality that mostly shows when I design. Scott Hansen & Jake Finch from Generation Q Magazine are my dynamic duo who I will treasure as being there for me when I really did need them. Treat me with respect and just plan showed me and told me to forge ahead. This I have done and the outcome has been quite positive. I teach more I have had designs accepted more and now have more to come for the future. Thank you so much for all you both do for me. I only hope I can work with you one day on the magazine or on a project one day as I think we all would work well with one another.

    Pat Sloan, how can I describe this perfectly creative professional, kind hearted, busy and ever contributing person. She in an instant without fail has always answered and email, a private message, or a question on a post. How this lady stays so busy. I swear if she sleeps it isn't for very long. She has a radio show, travels everywhere to teach and is very generous. Answers questions or concerns without fail. I am honored to have taken one of her classes. She is an excellent teacher. Always tries to make you go outside the box with color combination or with fabric designs. You would be surprised what looks good together. Thank you Pat for all your help and advice.

    The talent of this next teacher, quilter, designer is amazing. Her teaching methods are awesome. Never leaves anyone behind. Not sure if it is her go to line " Does this help or Do you understand" and if you don't when there is a break or at the end of the class she is more than happy to help answer the questions you have. Her smile and personality brightens up a quilt show like fire. Thank to Kim Brunner for your kind hearted personality, especially when I was telling you about my new longarm and for showing interest when I shared my exciting news.

    Last but not in anyway least is a man who when I listen and watch his videos I seem to connect very well with him. His teaching style is quite balanced and  is incredibly calming.  I am so exited to say I signed up to take one of his classes this year at International Quilt Festival in Houston. I am super thrilled to get hands on education from him. I am only describing Jamie Wallen.
    The one person who viewed my new video series and gave me a fabulous description. I would have totally thought I need to delete it and redo. Obviously I did something right because his description of what he thought was "
    Fantastic, watched it. Good audio AND video great job." Thank you for being so kind. I look forward to meeting you in Houston in October...
    So with all of that said I guess I may have place a bright light bulb around these folks but honestly I want to thank then from my heart for being so kind and supportive...
    I do hope you all have a wonderful day. As always Sew It Quilt It Love from Sally's Quilting Corner.

    Friday, July 10, 2015

    Time To Create The Quilts

    Morning Quilters,

    I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped in making blocks for the quilts we will be constructing with the blocks everyone has made. A huge kudos to Northcott Fabric for donating the fabric. I can hardly wait to go to Quilt Market in Houston this fall to give a special thank you to them for their continued generosity. Stay tuned for pictures of all the blocks everyone has made and for a quilt that I have been working on to construct.

    All of these quilts will be going to Veterans or their family who have PTSD or have a loved one lost from this disorder. Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center has been most helpful in helping locate those in need. This project which has been very well received by so many that I can hardly wait to share with everyone the finished quilts...

    So with that said I am seeking assistance from anyone who wishes to take a patriotic panel and blocks plus coordinating fabric and piece a top and message me via email or private message on Facebook with a photo of yourself with the finished top. This will go along way to sharing how many individuals actually got involved in the creation of these quilts.

    If you are interested please contact me so I can get the blocks together and extra material for you to construct a top. All quilts will me mailed with a plastic bag and priority envelope postage paid for you to return to me.

    As we near the end of this project, I would like to mention some of the guidelines that need to met for these quilts.
              A) If you have blocks you have been working on please send them back. If you can't make them, this is ok life gets in the way. Just send the material back so I can make blocks or use material to construct tops.
              B) When making the tops please remember the deadline are very important because
    I need to put these on the frame to quilt and then bind so that I can have these completed by Veteran's Day to be passed out to those individuals in need.
              Thank you for all your hard work... I am proud to have worked with all of you in this project.

    This quilt has the panel in it that we will be using from Northcott Fabric. The quilt in this photo hung at Quilt Market in Houston last October in the Northcott Booth. The idea I am thinking about is the blocks made we could implement with the panel and coordinating fabrics. Size isn't an issue. If you can get a large lap quilt out of this than that works for me. So lets see who can help me out...


    Friday, July 3, 2015

    Happy 4th of July

    Good Morning Quilters:
    What's on the machine this holiday weekend. Are you going to a cookout and getting together with family and friends? Are you going to get some very needed UFO's off the shelf?
    I am happy to say I am taking a few days off to enjoy family and friends this weekend. Going to go beach it, BBQ and enjoy some good food, fun times and good friends.
    From my family to yours stay safe enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

    Friday, June 19, 2015


    Last night I was able to work on tension and do some practice long arming on my new/used Nolting Hobby Quilter 16 aka "Miss Violet". She is a stunning beauty and I am thrilled to finally get going on working with her... The video my husband mad that I posted on my quilting page on Facebook, makes me look very tense however I am incredibly calm and relaxed. So I will be doing a weekly video on my quilting page on Facebook called #whatsontheframetodaysally click Sally's Quilting Corner Sew It Quilt It Love It!  to view my first of many videos and stay tuned for weekly videos. Feel free to make comments or suggestions. I feel we all learn from those who are more experienced.
    Thanks for visiting and Sew It Quilt It Love It!!! 

    Monday, June 15, 2015

    A Quilting We Will GO!!!

    Good Morning Quilters!

    I am happy to announce that I will be offering classes beginning in September. I have a variety of classes to offer for beginners up to advanced quilters. Learn fun easy projects with ton of different techniques. If you are interested in learning fun projects with easy techniques that won't intimidate you, let me know. I want to hear from you. If there is something on the list that I am not offering and you want a class with your group, let me know. We can arrange a class around a that technique. Stay tuned!! for pictures of samples I will be posting of some of the techniques I can teach you.

    And here's one better my quilt peeps, I am researching the opportunity to hold a weekend quilt retreat. So of my quilt peeps here I'd like to see who is interested. Simply reply to me what time of year you would like to play, or maybe you want to meet more than once a year, and if I found a hotel that provided continental breakfast would that be help. I'm searching two or three hotels that would be a decent price, great lighting, and that would be spacious so that people who have larger projects to work on can spread out. How about an area special for technique learning. Would you like to have the room to bring snacks? How about An area to layer your quilts for those Free Motion Quilting on their domestic machines. I would also like to know if learning a technique and if raffles interest you. Who doesn't like learning a new technique or winning goodies. Free is always good!!! If you are interested please comment with time of year and special interests you might like to learn. I would like to open this to anyone who is serious about joining in on the fun. I also can arrange for to have a nice dinner at a local restaurant that maybe can be built into the price of the cost of the weekend. Would that interest you... Share your interest...Please let me know. Who wouldn't want to visit the Cape in the Spring, Summer or Fall...

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    May Veteran Block Drive

    Good Morning Quilters,

     I want to share with you all the block for May. We are well on our way to getting quilt tops put together. You all have done such a wonderful job with the blocks you have made so far. Blocks for March and April are due and if you have participated in the block drive and have blocks sending them would be greatly appreciated. I would love to put the blocks you have into a quilt. So if you have these two months worth of blocks please send my way. If you have a problem or questions you know how to get in touch with me. Northcott Fabric was gracious and sent an entire bolt of fabric for the backing of these quilts.

    These are blocks from Laurie one of the quilters who have made these fantastic blocks.

    I am gearing up to release May's Block and I hope you all join me in making these blocks.
    This coming month the block is smaller and is a we bit of a challenge. Like I haven't done that to you all before. 
    This coming month is two blocks you choose which one you would like to make. The soldier is going to be put with other blocks that have been made and the second block is called
     Drunkards Path and will be used to make stripes for a flag. Let me know if you want to join in on the fun and which block you wish to make.

     I am looking for 60 of them in total. I will be providing like always the fabric to make these blocks and the directions I promise I will make the direction more detailed. Cross my heart and hope to well you know what I mean!

    So with this month's block since there is more blocks we have longer to do them. I think this could be for the month of May and June. Blocks will be due end of June.

    If you want to participate with May and Junes block please connect with me via Facebook or message me on my business page at Sally's Quilting Corner Sew It Quilt It Love It .

    Friday, April 17, 2015

    You Gotta Check this Out

    TGIF Quilters!!! Happy Friday to all my friends out there in Quilt Land. I have to share with you a wonderful blog with an amazing give-away. My friend Linda Stewart Pearl who is super fun and amazingly creative has a give-away on her website. Hop on over to One Circle Quilting
    and check this give-away out.

    I met Linda through social media and she has given me a ton of great advice. Her knowledge is extraordinary and I have learned a lot from her... Here's a little bit about Linda:
    Linda has been a quilt maker for the better part of 20 years, working in traditional patterns and designs for most of that time. While working full time, and being a wife to Mike and a mom to Chris and Andy, she fit in quilting as time allowed while raising her family. She found companionship in the membership she held in two guilds during that time frame, and has to this day a particular affinity for Challenges.
    Linda offers a vast variety of services. She can steer you in the right direction with Lectures, Workshops, Shop Hops, Quilt Show and Festivals, and also offers many other services. Check out this link for all that Linda has to offer.
    Invite you to follow Linda's blog and to like her Facebook Business Page just click onto the two links to like either one or both... The Patchwork Pearl and One Circle Quilting.
    So check her out and see what Linda Stewart Pearl wart is all about. I am very happy to have met her and glad to call her my friend... Thanks Linda for all the hard work you do for everyone...

    Monday, April 13, 2015

    April PTSD Block Drive for Veteran Quilts

    Hello Block Drive members, I have news to share. April blocks have begun to come in and the two designs I have are just amazing! Mary Lou Eustace and Margaret Travis blocks have come in. Mary Lou had hers arrive first so she is the grab bag surprise winner. She has received a Layer Cake bundle of Kate Spain's "Good Fortune Fabric and an autograph copy of May issue of American Quilter Magazine where I had my latest quilt published. Congrats to her for doing such a beautiful job...

    Mary Lou made four blocks 6" each and sewed them together to make a 24" square block.
    Her design is quite unique and will work beautifully with the panel.

    Here are Margaret Travis' Blocks that have applique' circles to it... What a great block. Thank you Margaret for doing such a fantastic job...
    I hope to see every one's blocks by the end of the month and can hardly wait to post all the pics... Thank you all again for doing such a great job for such a good cause....

    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Guess Who got Published Again!!!

    As the months carried on through this very long winter we had here on Cape Cod I became more and more anxious upon the up coming publishing of this May issue of the American Quilter Magazine.

    May 2015 Issue

    So I was thoroughly surprised when a friend of mine congratulated me for my recent publishing of my quilt in this month issue. I am tickled pink as I have been waiting with baited breath for this issue to be published and available.
    A Midsummer Nights Dream is one of those quilts I designed two years ago and decided to try to be published again in a national magazine. With much support from many in the quilting community I submitted this and sure enough here it is.
    See how very pretty this quilt is I have been dying to post photos of this quilt so I am now going to post a variety of photos. I sure hope you like this quilt as much as I do and please go to your local news stand to pick up your copy of May 2015 issue of American Quilter as all of the projects in this issue are just stunning. Congrats to all the contributors.


    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    Block Drive for PTSD Quilts

    Good Morning Quilters,

    I have to say I have had a ton of support with the first block
    for the PTSD quilts. I want to first say thank you for all your support and the blocks are coming in and they all look just wonderful...

    It is time for the second block to be revealed, but there is a twist to it. It is a challenge block. The challenge is that participants will be given material to create 4 blocks 12" square to be incorporated into a quilt with a panel... Quilters choice of design. As long as it is 12" anything goes. Please be sure you use the material provided. as it is donated by Northcott Fabric. I am hoping to have the people who joined in the first block join in on the second block.


    So anyone who wants to play this time please let me know on my Facebook page. And if I got overwhelmed with things and forgot someone in the mix with the first block here it is in public: "I am so sorry and I promise to not forget you again" I truly appreciate each and everyone of you for helping with this project.

    And it gets even better. Sandra Beck and Robyn Boyd have invited me to speak on their internet radio show on March 30th. Military Mom Talk Radio  ( is an internet radio show that is accessible on Toginet Join in on the 30th of this month 2pm PST and 5pm EST and join in on the chat page. We will be chatting about quilting, memory quilts and quilts for soldiers who suffer from PTSD. I hope this proves to be a successful chat. I have to say a special shout out to Jennifer Brennan from Northcott Fabric who has been so very generous to me and other groups who make quilts for our servicemen and women in the armed forces...

    Friday, March 6, 2015

    Blocks Are Coming In

    Hello quilters from very snowy Cape Cod. We had about 10+ inches of snow yesterday and all of us are getting tired of this cold and what typically would be fluffy white stuff that is on the ground. With Spring 15 days away I find it very hard that we will see the normal signs of spring outside for quite sometime, as some of the snow piles outside are up to 8' in height. Yesterday I received on of our participants blocks for the Veterans Block Drive. Margaret Travis from Easy Peasy Quilts one of my feature quilters from last months posts sent me her blocks and they cam out just awesome.

    Her four blocks will be incorporated into a quilt using Northcott Fabric panels from their Stonehenge Line of patriotic fabric. Northcott Fabric has been so super generous to donate all the fabric from this line to help support this project to make quilts for Veterans who suffer from PTSD. This goes in collaboration with a book I am beginning to write called "Quilts Heal Too"
    We all must remember the gift of a quilt can be very soothing, comforting, and make the stress of everyday life go a little bit easier for those who suffer from PTSD. It is not only the Veteran who suffers from this but the family as well who has to endure watching their loved one who suffers.
    This is a very important subject that is very near and dear to me and I want to do something that will make that one soldier feel that much better...
    Thank you all who have decided to participate and remember blocks are due to be mailed out by the 31st of this month. In a few weeks I will be making a post about our next block. This one seemed to be a little bit of a challenge for some so next months will be super easy. Stay tuned for what's to come...

    Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    It's Hump Day

    Good Morning all, how is everyone this morning? I wanted to check in with everyone to see how things are going with those Veteran Blocks. I have heard from most everyone who has participated. Some of you have finished and they are on their way back to me so I can incorporate them into a quilt. I also want to share with you that Northcott Fabric has sent me more fabric for the next installment of quilts to be made... I am well on my way to finishing the design for the next block for April.

    ***Note that this block drive will be going on until November and the week of Veterans Day I will be making a very special post. So stay tuned***

    This block will prove to be awesome for the panel that it will be matched up with. And I want to thank the 8 participants who are involved with this project. As soon as these tops are completed I will be posting pics on my Facebook page at:
    Hope you all have a wonderful day...

    Sunday, February 1, 2015

    Happy Superbowl Sunday Quilters

    February 19,2015:::

    Good Afternoon quilters. I hope all of you are doing well this Thursday. With all the snow flying around I hope all of you are sewing up a storm. I want to thank all of you who contacted me and join me in making blocks. As you know I have been very sick the better part of this month so I would like to start fresh in the Month of March with the block I showed below. I will be mailing those people who are interested in making blocks the material and instructions this weekend. Remember these blocks are being used as part of the quilt that will be created. Northcott Fabrics has generously donated panels of their Stonehenge line and coordinating fabric to go with the panels. Finished quilt blocks are 24" and need to be mailed back to me to the address provided in the kit. Typically I would like to have blocks done within  30 days but if you need extra time that is fine. A new block will be shown each month and the block drive will end the weekend of Veterans Day this November.

    Feel free to email me of message me here or on my Facebook page at Sally's Quilting Corner with any questions...


    Good Afternoon quilters I am here wishing all of you a happy and save Superbowl Sunday...

    I am inviting you quilters to join me in a project that supports out veterans.
    The name of the project is "Quilts Heal Too" The focus is to make 24" blocks from fabric I provide and send the blocks back to me. I have the patterns and there is no cost to you accept for the cost of  to send the blocks back to me. I will send you the material and pattern for the blocks. 4 blocks each will be sent out for you to construct. I will take the blocks and construct them into a lap size quilt  for soldiers who have been injured either physically or psychologically from war.
    We all must remember that our military is still very active over seas and these men and women still have a chance to become injured and have gotten injured, or have seen someone become injured. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a very real disorder and soldiers suffer more and more each day.
    Our first block starting this month is the Patriotic 4 Patch

    If you are interested in playing along all you have to do is find me on Facebook or email me at:
    and in the subject line type Quilts Heal Too. I would love for you to join me...

    Friday, January 2, 2015

    Join Me in Welcoming my featured Designer

    Happy New Year Quilters! Help me in welcoming my featured quilter of the "Fat Quarter"( HAHA!)
    I am pleased to announce a wonderful lady who I had the pleasure of meeting this past October at Quilt Market in Houston. Give a warm happy welcome to Margret Travis of Easy Peazy Quilts. Margret is a warn helpful lady who is a treasure to hang with, as I learned having dinner with her and her sister. They are such a hoot. Too fun for words. I was blessed with seeing what Margaret has to offer to quilters at her shop. Her patterns are super easy peazy to do (Wink Wink) if you get my drift. Check her website out to see all that is new.

    These are just so adorable I am just in love with all of these...
    So take a looksie at what beautiful fun and easy stuff Margaret has to offer.
    And Don't miss the chance to see Margaret join her:
    January 9th 2015
    Inspire Quilting & Sewing
    Plant City, FL
    January 20-22, 2015
    Florida Sew City Expo
    Leesburg, FLA
    May 13-18,2015
    Spring Market
    Minneapolis, Minn
    Trade Show (Not Open to the Public) see for details

    Thursday, January 1, 2015

    Happy New Year

         Hi quilters, I sure hope all of you had a great New Years Eve and you are planning your 2015 sewing projects. I have several I am planning and hoping to hear from all of you as to what is on your plates for the year. I am hoping to teach and lecture more. So if you are part of a sewing group or guild and need a teacher, let me know. I would love to meet you all and hear what you are interested in.
         This coming year I have 10 patterns planned 1 book to complete and teaching. Room is booked for Quilt Market 2015 and hoping to be able to stay for festival this year. Working on getting on-line shop set up to sell patterns and to set up online teaching classes... Stay tuned for January's Newsletter. I am featuring a pattern designer/quilter I met in Houston. So if you want to be added to the email list you can private message me on Facebook or email me at: So with all of that said:
     I am Wishing all of you sewers and quilters and Happy and Healthy New Year.