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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What do you do with those Unused Blocks

Have you ever had blocks you make for a quilt and just cannot use them because they turned out so horrible that it just wouldn't work for that project they were meant for. Well I have had these blocks left over and I just couldn't use them.

My points totally off, the block was squared wrong or you just can't like how it turned out, but just don't want to waste it. Well here is what I did with three blocks and added a border. Tell me what you think I made this for my dining room and I did one thing better. I used Insul-Brite inside, you know that wonderful stuff that you make pot holders with. Now this table runner is dual purpose. I can use it as decoration and as a hot mat for those dishes that are just too hot for placing on the wood.

Here is what I placed on the back:

So there is a purpose for those blocks not the best but at least you are throwing them away. So try to dig out those blocks and make a table runner or a place mat just don't let these blocks collect dust....