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Thursday, April 3, 2014

So Not Quilting But too Cute Not to Share

On Saturday, March 22nd my husband and I adopted our newest member of the family. A rescue pup from Puerto Rico... Rambo now named "Jake" is a Coon hound Pointer Mix. Such a cutie patutie and he and his sibling had a very rough time of it prior to their rescue. I am sharing photos of Jake aka Jake from State Farm LOL!!! he is so filled with piss and vinegar and has blossomed into his own. Training has good and bad days. I suspect we will have to give him more time to adjust. A bit skid dish but I suspect this is from the situation he was in. When I got him I grabbed a quilt to bring him home in and grabbed a quilt I just made. I will tell you this he has made it his own so I guess I need to make a new one... So enough of the chatting let see pics everyone!!!!!

Awh poor pooch after his first bath

 Jake with his siblings

The lady in FLA who worked with rescue league.

 Jake with one of his sisters...

Jake in his new home and conquered the quilt I made.

 He Love everyone in the house this is my older son. Jake looks mighty comfy...

 Well Jake sure likes the camera. He is happy to pose... Stay tuned for other photos to come....

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