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Friday, April 25, 2014

Quilts of Valor Program

Good After noon my quilting friends I am here to ask of your help. I am part of a wonderful project. I am working on QOV Blocks (Quilts of Valor). My goal is 1200 blocks by April of 2015. Here are the two blocks I have received for this years project.

These are the two blocks in two different color waves. They are 12" x 12" finished my Facebook friend Candace West has done a wonderful job promoting this and I feel just as strong about promoting this project along with her...

So join me in making these blocks. I would like to get a group of us together and call us the Our Lady of Valor Group.  There is no requirement of blocks to stay in the group. Whether you make one or twenty-one, any help counts... We need to remember these blocks go to the QOV group and they are used to help create quilts for our service men who have served in our armed forces that have been injured in the line of duty.  
If you are interested in helping out comment here so we can get in touch...
Thank you for all your help in this project.
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