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Friday, January 31, 2014

Visit my New Website

Good afternoon my blogger peeps I want to tell and share with all of you that I am in the process of constructing a website that will be connected with this blog. The website is being constructed to share photos and to let you all know what I have to offer you and your group or guild. Sallys Quilting Corner is the new site. It is a bit more modern and a nice refreshed look is exactly what I wanted to do to start off the new year with... As on this blog the website has photos and will have updates about some of what is happening. Also on the site is a way you can contact me via email with question and inquiries.

Never fear my peeps I am here to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and to share what I do in the quilting world.  Here is something for those who need to think about the warm weather, since we have had so much snow and rain happening here on the east coast...

Stay happy and keep quilting!
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