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My name is Sally Johnson and I adore quilting... I have lived on Cape Cod since 1974 and I am married and have two sons...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello all of my quilting friends, I want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year.
So with 2013 ending and 2014 starting, what is on tap for all of you. Have you planned what you are going to create this year? Do you have a limit on how many projects you will work on?
Well I can say that I plan on a many new adventures this year. I am working on a quilts that will be solely for quilt show entries, submissions to magazines.  I have six quilts planned this year, yup six so far.
I have a goal to learn a new technique and also to teach more.  So far I will be doing two lectures and two workshops.
Not a bad start for the new year.
Working on my first book, submitting patterns for magazines with hopes of being published again. Share with me your ideas for the New Year. I also want to share that I want to host another Mystery Quilt Along. Stay tuned for the fun we will have and this year there will be more Give-Aways !!!
So share with me some of what you have on tap for 2014.

Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Space

A few weeks ago my husband surprised me with the materials to create my new space for my quilt studio. He plastered a pretty bow on some Sheetrock and wrote "Happy Birthday"!!!

So the next weekend the construction began. I have to thank my husband, my son, and my neighbor for all the awesome stuff they have done for me. They did a fantastic job.
 Eric & Mike working on the strapping.

My Son Cameron and his dad working on the ceiling
 And now the walls, ooh I'm getting excited, one step closer to paint!!!

Tape and Mud

Boys in the spot light Hehehehe!!!!

And we're ready for color, Hmmm! What color will I pick?

Yup Green, This color is called Corn Husk Green, and I love how it turned out...
What a difference when lights are moved: Just had to display hubby's quilt that I made him for

Some of my accomplishments below
And now for storage

So now that this part is done I will continue to stock up the storage and then take more pics.. Stay tuned my quilty peeps... Hope you like the space...


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Greetings from Sally's Quilting Corner

Good Morning my quilty peeps. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.
I am taking a break from my sewing machine til after News Year's day to restock my new quilting space and to decorate with all kinds of goodies. I will be making a full post for the new year when all is done, so stay tuned. In the mean time thank you for your support and the follows to my Facebook page and to my blog. If you haven't followed yet, give it a try. Invite your friends...
With the new year approaching and 2013 ending very soon, I would like to tell you about some exciting things that will happening for 2014.
I will be taking requests for me to do trunk shows and lectures. I f interested email me at and put in the subject line Lectures... I will be glad to visit your guild and share my experience of what I can teach you. 
I also will be sharing with you a few give-aways. Yup freebies. Who doesn't like freebies!!!
I am also working on my Newsletter. So sometime in January I hope to be sharing a newsletter on all the fun stuff that lies ahead in the future months.
Do you know someone who would like to learn how to quilt or piece, invite then to follow me...
So until January I hope all of you have a wonderful safe and healthy New Year and I will see you then.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Customer Quilt Filled with Memories

A few months back I was approached at a friends house during a vendor party to see if I could and would make a memory quilt for her to give to her mom with her dad neck ties. I was asked to design make and quilt this quilt. So then a couple weeks later I received via another friend a box loaded with her dad neck ties. All very beautiful and all very vibrant. So the design process was to begin. Now before I go into the story about what I made and how I did this quilt let me say that I typically don't make quilt for people I design and try to get my work published. However I was drawn to do this project as this friend lost her dad after a lengthy struggle with Leukemia. I would do smaller quilts again for people if the time allows. So here are some of the photos of how this quilt turned out, I sure hope she likes it I really did try my best.

I love how I came up with the ties as part of the border and made the border which in these photos doesn't give it justice, a bit puffy. I was thrilled to make this for her. She is a very sweet person and I am thrilled she asked me to this project...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Joy of Social Networking

I had one of the best experiences dealing with social networking I could ever have on Friday evening.
As I was working on a customer quilt that I designed and made, I ran into a huge problem as I was quilting on my new machine (My Baby Lock Ellegante') I started to have a very large issue with tension. I tried everything I could think of even reading the book and nothing would help me.

I decided to take a deep breath, walk away and take a much needed breath. So I came upstairs poured myself a glass of my favorite drink (Green Tea) and decided to chill for a bit... My husband seeing me relaxed but distressed asked me if he could do anything. I told him sure, knowing how handy he is we both went down stairs and I told him what was up. Oh ya the big thing I didn't tell you is that when I took the plate off one of the screws fell way down inside the machine; UGH!!!!
So he was able to get the screw out helped me get the gook out with all the fuzzies and everything else, and then the working on the tension needed to be dealt with.

So with all of this said I couldn't figure the tension issue out, talk about driving me totally crazy.
Thank god for Facebook and the peeps I know here. Teri Van Zile a Facebook friend owns a Baby Lock just like mine and she lives clear across the country. So I called Teri on the phone and we spent just about an hour working on my settings and tension issues. Teri you rock. If you ever need a quilt quilted and it is no bigger than a lap quilt, I will do for you no questions asked girl you saved my life... She even had a friend of hers on the other phone. Now remember she is clear across the USA in Oregon different time zone. So here we are the three of us on the phone and as I am chatting with Teri, she is telling me everything to reset change and reconfigure. I swear to god my machine works better now that it did when I first got it...

Tomorrow pictures will be shown of the finished quilt... I just had to thank Teri on a public site for all her help. Teri you are the best of the best. My hero of the holiday season...