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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Joy of Social Networking

I had one of the best experiences dealing with social networking I could ever have on Friday evening.
As I was working on a customer quilt that I designed and made, I ran into a huge problem as I was quilting on my new machine (My Baby Lock Ellegante') I started to have a very large issue with tension. I tried everything I could think of even reading the book and nothing would help me.

I decided to take a deep breath, walk away and take a much needed breath. So I came upstairs poured myself a glass of my favorite drink (Green Tea) and decided to chill for a bit... My husband seeing me relaxed but distressed asked me if he could do anything. I told him sure, knowing how handy he is we both went down stairs and I told him what was up. Oh ya the big thing I didn't tell you is that when I took the plate off one of the screws fell way down inside the machine; UGH!!!!
So he was able to get the screw out helped me get the gook out with all the fuzzies and everything else, and then the working on the tension needed to be dealt with.

So with all of this said I couldn't figure the tension issue out, talk about driving me totally crazy.
Thank god for Facebook and the peeps I know here. Teri Van Zile a Facebook friend owns a Baby Lock just like mine and she lives clear across the country. So I called Teri on the phone and we spent just about an hour working on my settings and tension issues. Teri you rock. If you ever need a quilt quilted and it is no bigger than a lap quilt, I will do for you no questions asked girl you saved my life... She even had a friend of hers on the other phone. Now remember she is clear across the USA in Oregon different time zone. So here we are the three of us on the phone and as I am chatting with Teri, she is telling me everything to reset change and reconfigure. I swear to god my machine works better now that it did when I first got it...

Tomorrow pictures will be shown of the finished quilt... I just had to thank Teri on a public site for all her help. Teri you are the best of the best. My hero of the holiday season...

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