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Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Space

A few weeks ago my husband surprised me with the materials to create my new space for my quilt studio. He plastered a pretty bow on some Sheetrock and wrote "Happy Birthday"!!!

So the next weekend the construction began. I have to thank my husband, my son, and my neighbor for all the awesome stuff they have done for me. They did a fantastic job.
 Eric & Mike working on the strapping.

My Son Cameron and his dad working on the ceiling
 And now the walls, ooh I'm getting excited, one step closer to paint!!!

Tape and Mud

Boys in the spot light Hehehehe!!!!

And we're ready for color, Hmmm! What color will I pick?

Yup Green, This color is called Corn Husk Green, and I love how it turned out...
What a difference when lights are moved: Just had to display hubby's quilt that I made him for

Some of my accomplishments below
And now for storage

So now that this part is done I will continue to stock up the storage and then take more pics.. Stay tuned my quilty peeps... Hope you like the space...


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