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Monday, December 16, 2013

A Customer Quilt Filled with Memories

A few months back I was approached at a friends house during a vendor party to see if I could and would make a memory quilt for her to give to her mom with her dad neck ties. I was asked to design make and quilt this quilt. So then a couple weeks later I received via another friend a box loaded with her dad neck ties. All very beautiful and all very vibrant. So the design process was to begin. Now before I go into the story about what I made and how I did this quilt let me say that I typically don't make quilt for people I design and try to get my work published. However I was drawn to do this project as this friend lost her dad after a lengthy struggle with Leukemia. I would do smaller quilts again for people if the time allows. So here are some of the photos of how this quilt turned out, I sure hope she likes it I really did try my best.

I love how I came up with the ties as part of the border and made the border which in these photos doesn't give it justice, a bit puffy. I was thrilled to make this for her. She is a very sweet person and I am thrilled she asked me to this project...

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