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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Preacher's Stain Glass Window

I had a wonderful opportunity to design a table runner called "The Preacher's  Stain Glass Window" This table runner I designed is made from Marcia Derse's Collection Palette. I just love it and as I heard when I was in Houston it looks so like suede...

So I emailed a picture of the design I made on my computer of what I envisioned the table runner to look like. Mind you there have been alterations to the design. Here is the design.

I did however take the corner blocks out because after putting them in I just didn't like the look. So here is the steps to me making this table runner, I hope you enjoy...
First I got my Foundation Paper out and printed the design on it I use Stabilizer Paper by George Siciliano at This paper can be printed on torn away after you are finished constructing your block or you can leave it in for more stability.

Before I do that I take my fabric and I prewash it and hang dry, then after it is dried I spray with Maryellen's Best Press and crinkle it up:

After I iron it I take my printed page and look at the shapes and cut shapes out that will cover the area for each piece.

3)Take your paper and place with the printed part face down.  Then take your first piece of fabric and place it on your template labeled in this project A1 right side up and then take A2 and lay it on top wrong side up and pin together.
As shown above turn the piece with printed side facing up and sew on the line between A1 and A2. Making sure you have a 1/4" seam allowance. See below:
As you can see I reinforce my sewing at both ends. After you sew you will then trim so that only 1/4" is showing from the sew line:

Then you continue going in order of the numbers on the template and making sure all of you areas are covered completely. In Foundation Paper Piecing there is a bit of waste, however you can eliminate some of the waste if you use the technique I showed in Step 2.

Your finished piece for part one looks like this.

Even though I have a strip of fabric for the first set of borders the two separate blocks sewn together look like the photo above. You can then add borders to add dimension to the table runner. See photos below:

Here is the table runner with border #1 on it. And the photo below is the finished table runner top. I pieced this table runner with Aurifil Mako 50wt  #2024 (White).
I quilted this with Aurifil Mako 50wt #3910 (Pale Yellow) and this was used in Stitch in the ditch.
The outside border was quilted with Aurifil Mako 50wt #2715 (Pale Blue). and I hand stitched the binding using Aurifil Mako 50wt #2920 to match the binding.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Nell Timmer and her crew from Windham for providing me with this beautiful fabric and for allowing me to participate in such a great project. They are the best!!!  Check out Windham's website out at and check out all the luscious fabric they have. And I want to thank Aurifil for the great thread they have. Alex you and your crew rock!!!!!
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Quilt Market Adventures

I have had the best chance in the world to be able to this trip to Houston. I am experiencing the adventures if the International Quilt Market. Meeting friends that I have only Skyped or chatted with on the phone with is just amazing... I am rooming with three wonderful people; Just Plain Laine aka Lesa Jamison, Cara Wilson, Jacqui Solgat Maxman, and my Australian quilty buddy Jane Davidson

What was my highlight is that I was able to meet all the folks at Market who have not only helped me but have guided me through the entire process of this business.

Here is a photo of me with Scott Hansen and Jake Finch at the Fabric 2.0 party to celebrate what all is about to come for the latest in designs and fabric. These two have been so wonderful, can't get any luckier than to have these two on my side. Thanks Scott and Jake for all the help and guidance...

Next wonderful thing was the opportunity to shop at shop at Sample Spree. Well I think I was pretty good... Pics soon to come since they are packed in my bag already.

Look at all that yummy fabric and they fabulous Aurifil thread. This is coordinating thread that goes with the Tula Pink Hubba Bubba Line.

I had the pleasure of meeting a tremendous group people in this industry and this photo of Elly who is a member of the Aurifil Team is so sweet. She is just huggable...
Me & the great peeps from Aurifil...

 And the trip wouldn't be complete without meeting
the famous Alex Veronelli... Such a sweet heart of a guy and incredibly generous.... Had a great meet and greet meeting with him, chatted about business stuff and then after all was said and done he took my phone and snapped this photo of the two of us... Truly a really nice guy!!!! Thanks Alex for the sample folder of all the threads available through Aurifil and again a true pleasure to meet you and your wonderful staff...

Generation Q. Words come very easy to me when I describe the staff here... They are kind, generous, helpful, comforting, welcoming and just really very nice people. Scott Hansen and Jake Finch
two of the nicest people I have met in my life since entering the world of quilting.
Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with some wonderful people. The two people who have never snubbed me off, have guided me and have mentored me in this business. Thank you to Jake Finch & Scott Hansen for all the continued support.

Nell Timmer Director of Marketing for Windham fabric stood with me as we get a quick snap shot. She was very nice to meet with me and to discuss my designs. I hope to do more design work with her and her team sometime in the future...

As I was waiting to for my shuttle from the airport to the hotel to start my adventures for Quilt Market I had the opportunity to chat with a lovely lady by the name of Michelle Duffy, Editor-in-Chief for AQS(American Quilt Society and publisher for Quilt Life and American Quilter Magazine. I showed her a photo of my latest project and the story of me taking the dive of my first book. She immediately had a twinkle in her eyes. I told her I would stop by the AQS Booth if chat with her but of course she was running around Market doing her job...  Maybe she needed to be lassoed to the booth, since the farm theme was what AQS was showing off... The  photo above is me and Ann Hammel, Creative Writing Specialist for AQS Publishing.  She gave me wonderful advice, told me that I showed perseverance and said I had a wonderful attitude for why people were so busy and couldn't meet at that moment. I told her that it was all goo and in due time I would have my time in the spotlight if it truly was meant to be....

My Adventures were the best of the best I could have experienced. Everyone was awesome and incredibly kind...