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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Wonderful Update

Good Morning Quilters, I have an update on the Sandy Hook Quilt that was created by many of my fellow quilters from across the country. Last evening I was on Facebook and chatting with the father of Jesse McCord Lewis, Neil Heslin was the dad who I presented the Angel Quilt to and he has yet returned home from his travels across the US to talk with Congress and the Senate to try repeal the gun laws in these states. Neil has travel since the week before Memorial day 12,000 mile with this quilt and has been vigilant about his task of advocating for all who lost a child or loved one on that horrible December 14th day in 2012.

I am so thrilled to know that Neil is trying to go some good for all of us in this country.
This is not a long post however I am glad to share with all of you the travels of this quilt. I am hoping to go back to Sandy Hook this coming weekend to be part of a fundraiser for the Sandy Hook Fire Department who was the first responder to the God Bless those men and women who work so very hard as first responders.
I am pleased to be associated with a wonderful group of first responders here on Cape Cod, MA. They are the one group of people who try very hard to make this community I live in a safe and fun place to live...
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