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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Special Dedication to Sandy Hook

My friend Tiffiny at  Smilie Mommy's Quilts was very generous to my and share my information about the quilt we and other quilters made for the Sandy Hook Elementary School. See Tiffiny's website for close ups of her appliqued angels. We were fortunate enough to create a quilt that represents the 26 lives lost from that horrific day. I am proud to be associated with such a great group of people whose talents are shown in this quilt, and I am especially proud to know the men and women of the YPD (Yarmouth Police Department) for all the work they do to help out community out. They are hosting on Sunday, May 19th a road race and this long awaited quilt will be presented to a representative from the Sandy Hook Elementary School. See more information on the road race at YPD 5K

Above is another photo of the quilt. This quilt is a symbol of what community spirit across the US really means.

I am also reminded of a poem my friend, Cathy wrote and created for the school.

Don’t Let the Evil Win.


 Don’t let fear change your behavior.
Bad things happen and you want to take your kids and hide in your house.

You let evil win. Don’t let the evil win.
You retreat from your life, one step. You let evil win. Don’t let the evil win.
Become a better person, mother, father, teacher, sibling, voter, business owner, human being.
Love every day, don’t forget what’s important, or you let the evil win.
Peace will begin, when "we" make it more important than politics.
Don’t let the evil win. Be the change.


By: Cathy Hatch



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