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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Table Topper for Valentines Day

It being the month for love and today being "National Pancake Day" I love Pancakes "YUMMO"!!!  I thought I would share with all of you the love I have for sewing and quilting. I began this adventure many many years ago. I started sewing as a young girl back in Connecticut and have always wanted to do more. but as time carried on I grew up doing all of the normal everyday stuff kids do. I played sports a little bit. When I say that, I say I was on the track team in middle school. I played the flute and tried my hand at playing the piano. I hung out with my friends and went to the movies, and did the stuff girls do; listen to the radio, watch television, and chatted about boys. And Boy! did we do that. Had the allotted sleepovers, makeup parties and of course we all had our chance of getting in that we bit of trouble. some of us more than others...

So with that said I decided kind of late in the game that I would make a complete lifestyle change. Three years ago in April, I left my full-time job in corporate healthcare and chose to take a bit of time time myself. My husband who was not totally on board with this managed to come to terms with my choice, especially when I when had racked up a ton of vacation and sick time and was able to collect all of it.  He then was a bit on board. Especially since I got paid for all that time off. So I took a total of nine weeks off from work. The best nine weeks of my life. That is when I began to become serious about sewing and quilting. I made my first quilt seen here you would think I would have done something easy, YA! not so easy I always jump into complex and difficult projects. check this out:

Does this even come close to being easy or simple. I'd say NO WAY BABY!!! My very first quilt. looks great from far away but trust me it has so many erros I would have gotten a grade of "F" on this for sure. Stitches are not regulated, there are many, many,many puckers in this and the applique'. Let's not go there.

So as time went on I became much better at my art of sewing and quilting. I came to terms with the fact that this life style change was totally for the best and now in such a short period of time, I've been published twice working on the 3rd and 4th publication of another quilt in April and an essay in June for a well known quilt magazine. Who would have figured I would be published after just three years. Not thinking this is something that happens that quick...

Enough of my gabbing, I am here to share the project I made for this Valentines Day. I do hope all of you like it and I really want to hear from all of you. I am luck to have so many followers. So share your thoughts.

Have a Wonderful Day All!!!

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