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Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Mail Times Two

A couple weeks ago I got an a sweet surprise in the mail. My friend Tiffany from Another Pie in the Sky  who has been an absolute god sent to me sent me some pretty pretties in the mail.
not only did I get this cute little pouch which she had made but then she put a surprise in the pouch.
This is the cute pouch I got from her and I can tell you she is selling these. The workmanship is just beautiful check it out:
It works perfectly for hand sewing projects, especially if I want to bring small scissors, thread and binding clips. Then inside was some wonderful Aurifil Thread such a great suprise to me when I opened up this pouch and saw two packages of this:

Foe this I say thank you so much Tiffany for helping me with my blog, considering it has given us both more than a headache. Check out my new Social Media Buttons on the top right of my home page.And don't forget to visit Tiffany at Another Pie in the Sky
Then during Hurricaine Sandy I was working in a Red Cross Shelter for those residents in the area of Cape Cod who needed a place to go to incase power went out. Yes I said a Red Cross Shelter. Part of what I do is volunteer for Red Cross to help those who have experienced a loss due to Natural disaster or fire. Then my Twitter friend Mary Miller from Spoolhardy Girl had mentioned to me that her son goes to college in the northeast and as we mothers know that when a storm starts to brew we all get a bit worried especially for our children who are in the path of a serious storm. So I messaged her, exchanged phone numbers with her so that if for any reason she needed help with getting in contact with him I could help her... It's just what I do I like to help people... Well everything worked out very well with the Hurricaine and her son was safe and sound. With that said a few weeks ago I saw a clutch purse she made on twitter and asked if she were selling these on her on-line esty shop www.esty/shop/spoolhardygirl be sure to visit her store and definetly don't forget to visit her blog at
Here is the great clutch she made:

I love the fabric and the colors are awesome.... Thanks Miss Mary for your wonderful suprise....

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