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Monday, December 10, 2012

Looky what I Shared on Craftsy

Hello all my quilty friends I thought I would share a project I did recently but decided to share on Craftsy. How fun is this, We can go onto Craftsy see projects and share them too. I am thrilled.

So if you want go over to Craftsy and seek me out follow if you like... Hope you all are have a wonderful holiday season... Now that I know I can share on Craftsy I will be sharing there a lot. And if you ever want to learn any of my projects that I post there feel free to email me through my blog or find directions there...

I also will be starting classes not only will I be happy to book classes for you or your sewing group, but I will be sharing with all of you Blocks of the month beginning in January and I am also starting a huge Mystery quilt along.  All are welcome class it's free... Who doesn't like free...

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