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Monday, November 12, 2012

I Got an Awesome Gift from a Friend


A few weeks ago I got a great gift in the mail. As I was already having not the best of days as many of us have them and for me they are far and few between I came home from my daily errands to find a lovely package at my door. This pillow cover that my twitter friend Jane Davidson aka quiltjane as we know her on twitter made for me,
Oh ya did I say it's from Australia, ya Australia. Well Jane made this for me and I was so thrilled.
I still have to find a pillow for it but I haven't gotten that far yet, when I do, you betcha it will be on my nick knack shelf in my quilt studio or I will use it as my support pillow on my chair for my back.
Leave it to Jane to support her friends.

I can honestly say I feel like one of the luckiest people on this earth to be associated even via Internet with some great people. Quilt Jane from is one of the ladies I have skyped with. It's just like meeting her in person. I have met SmilieMommy aka Tiffiny, and have had the pleasure of phone conversations with SpoolhardyGirl from  Miss Mary Miller. These people are just the Cats Meow. Another person I have met that is on face book and twitter is the absolutely wonderful Pat Sloan from I have been blessed to have taken her applique class twice and each time I learned something new. Her husband Greg is fantastic. Warm hearted, kind and very sweet. Especially when I was taking  class off cape in Beverly,MA and my GPS died. he tried to help me however it did meet its maker and ened up in the dump.Nonethe less he was kind enough to come and help a damsel in destress... So when I say you can meet a lot of great people here and the people you meet at quilt shows and markets, there's no descibing how awesome it really is to be affliliated with all of these great people...
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