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Friday, August 3, 2012

A New Addition to the Family

A couple of days ago I was sitting out on my deck and noticed two incredibly cute creatures that came to visit me in my yard. The bunny who was there is very small and definitely a very young... The other is the chipmunk who thinks he rules the roost... Both are too adorable for words. But nonetheless I have chosen to keep them around... When I say keep them around I mean that if they are in the yard I leave them little goodies like the lettuce or some carrots... I think they like them or they wouldn't stay around let me know what you think:

The bunny we have named Pete he is so cute all I want to do is cuddle him...

The chipmunk I have chose to call him Scooter, because all he does is scoot around the backyard... He too is so cute I wish I could just cuddle him...
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