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Friday, August 31, 2012

Come Check out What is Gong On

Hello sewers and Quilters. I have some very exciting news for you... In September beginning on Saturday the 15th I will be hosting a series of classes that will be held at:
 Flax Pond 
31 Dupont Ave, S. Yarmouth, Ma 02664

Open Sew:

Start a new sewing project or finish something you have been working on. Learn tips and techniques

to finish that must need project. Bring your project, sewing machine and notions needed

to complete your project. Personal instruction available to help you finish what you have struggled

with. Have fun meet new sewers and learn new things. Beginners welcome.

Cost: $5.00

pre-registration for each class is required.

24 spots open, (minimum of 6 to run class).

Dates: Saturday Sept, 29th, Oct. 20th, Nov 3rd: Time: 10:30-4pm

Project Sew: Quilting:
Want to learn a new quilt project. Come join the fun of learning new tricks and techniques of
quilting. Each month you will learn to create a new design and to assemble
the blocks to created a wonderful quilt. Bring your machine and notions needed to complete the
project. Personal instruction available, meet new sewers.

Cost: $35.00

pre-registration per class is required and includes pattern and personal instruction
on how to create a project.
Here is project number 1:
This class includes pattern, kit to make the block and personal instruction.

24 spots open (minimum of 6 to run class).

Dates: Saturday Sept 15th,(CXL'D)
Oct 13th: Time 10:30-4pm

Details for each project class will be available at
Yarmouth Recreation and on their website a week before each class
Please register online: at or at the Yarmouth Parks & Recreation office
for either program.

Yarmouth Parks & Recreation
424 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
508-398-2231 ext 1520


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Check this Out

I am so excited to see that I made a block for Generation Q Magazines blog... Check this out and tell me what you think., I want to thank Scott Hansen for inviting me to submit a block...Life is so good right now...But make sure to go and see what Scott and his gang did. They used some beautiful fabric... Made me feel like I was on the ocean... Thank you again Generation Q for having me visit and play along...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sneak Peak

Well quilters I have been doing a lot of creating in my quilt studio lately ... I looked through some stuff so I thought I would create some a quilt tops from some of my stash... And there is a lot to be had... I almost have the quilt top completed.  So I thought I would share a sneak peak of it. I am making this lap quilt for a friend of mine who has been healing from a dislocated shoulder.  This is minus the hand quilting I am doing and the bindng...

Share your thoughts:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's That Time of Year

Yup quilters it is that time of year again to start thinking about the 2nd Annual Christmas Blog Tour of Quilts. Last year we had a wonderful group of people who posted on their blog some of their wonderful designs they had created... We did give-aways and the tour was really a great success... Some of the people who were involved:

Jamie Kalvestran from 

Kristen from

Guest Blogger: Ana Earl
Carolyn McKinnon:

Email me if you are interested in the tour @ for details...

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Featured Guest

My friend over at has given me the honor of allowing her to show her newest pattern tutorial her on my blog... Tiffiny from Smile Mommy Quilts has Block #15 for the Free Spirit Christmas in July Quilt-A-long...

This block turned out amazing and the tutorial is definitely something to look at... The pattern and tutorial are FREE!!! How could you turn that down. So do me the honor of introducing a very talented lady who is stepping out into the world of quilting... She is definitely on her way to creating some beautiful stuff... Check Tiffiny out and feel free to follow either one of us... We welcome you with open arms...
 Here is a sneak preview of what Tiffiny did... Go to her blog at and let her know what you think...

A New Addition to the Family

A couple of days ago I was sitting out on my deck and noticed two incredibly cute creatures that came to visit me in my yard. The bunny who was there is very small and definitely a very young... The other is the chipmunk who thinks he rules the roost... Both are too adorable for words. But nonetheless I have chosen to keep them around... When I say keep them around I mean that if they are in the yard I leave them little goodies like the lettuce or some carrots... I think they like them or they wouldn't stay around let me know what you think:

The bunny we have named Pete he is so cute all I want to do is cuddle him...

The chipmunk I have chose to call him Scooter, because all he does is scoot around the backyard... He too is so cute I wish I could just cuddle him...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Word from the Redneck Quilter

So I have been a little lacks on writing this article primarily because I would rather be quilting... Go figure... Well truth be told I have been busy at work, working on doing a long over-due spring cleaning, and just plain wanted to chill out away from the computer.... Honestly I know this isn't a great excuse but I can honestly say I love a really clean house... Cabinets and closets washed and oragnized... Just a nice feeling...

So with all that said I think being a Redneck in the north is a way of life... Not necessarily rough, unruly or gross just a way of life that is a bit out of the ordinary...  I have done some other strange things that some would call "redneckish". I recently replace a few things in my bathroom. I took the old decrypted toilet and told my husband not to throw this away. He quickly asked what you plan on doing with this. I told him you'll see...  His eyes immediately rolled up into his head and said "Oh My God Woman what do you have up your sleeve...  Therefore, I told him to go play somewhere and I would call him when I was done. In addition, also told him “Don’t you dear peak“…

After about an hour or so, I called him outside and said, “So what do you think?” He looked and said Oh My God Woman what were you thinking? Who in there right mind would use a toilet for this purpose? Surprisingly so he looked more carefully and said, “It does look pretty”… What do you think?

 As you can see it isn't all that bad... I must confess I have changed the flowers out to Impatience because they are sturdier flowers... I then have another confession to make... I found through a friend of mine another great planter to add to the collection in y back yard... Again being a Redneck is a way of life... I was at a sewing group on a Saturday in July and was sitting with a friend of mine and telling her about my new garden planter... Showed her the photo and she said do I have a find for you... So as we were talking she mentioned to me that she had a Claw foot Bathtub in her back yard near her shed her dad had for sale on Craig's List... It hadn't sold. So of course I asked how much it was... Lo and behold it was $125.00... Yippee!!!!!!! for me what a find... I said sold the the girl in the Eggplant colored shirt... My husband will go absolutely nuts when he hears what I have done... Soon after that I got my tub and it sits in my backyard awaiting dirt and flowers... I am just having the best time ever... Soon I will be posting picture...

So being a Redneck is a way of life and it isn't totally crazy just different... I hope you enjoy this episode of the Redneck Quilter and if there is something you care to share please leave a comment and give me an idea I would love to feature you on my blog... All of you are so talented and I would love to hear from you... Let me know if you want to share your thoughts here...