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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Redneck Quilter

Again it is time for another posting of the Redneck Quilter. As we last me I was sharing with you how supportive my husband was with the fact that I wanted to quilt while on our mini vacations, when we go camping... I posted also about how I had a great weekend away to camp and work on my latest project. While I was there I had many people in the campground stop at my site to see what I was doing. As you can suspect how many people do you know that bring a sewing machine camping with them. I think my husband regrets saying yes to the question: "Will the generator work with the sewing machine in the camper?" I think he created a monster as well... So camping and sewing are now just routine for me. My first experience doing this was the last weekend of May

We usually go camping to a local state park. Partly because we love camping, my husband enjoys fishing, and it is Memorial Day weekend, the start of the summer season here on Cape Cod, MA. Life at the campground is very different. First, we camp with a large group of friends. All of which are somewhat younger that me. I must admit my husband is younger than I am as well by eight years. However, with that said, I get along quite well with all of these people. We all share our everyday goings on, drink, and life in the lap of luxury in our campers decked out with generators. Does this even sound like camping? The only thing remotely close to what we do as a camping tradition is that we make campfires and we make sores at the fire. Most of what the women in this group do is ready those trash magazines and talk about who did what when and where. Therefore, this past weekend I thought I would be very redneckish. I brought my laptop and my sewing machine and I decided to write a few thoughts down and do some sewing… I am currently working on blocks for a charity quilt for my guild and for another organization I am involved with. I ended up sewing ten blocks. Since one of the quilts is being designed by other members in my guild and one of the quilts is being designed for me to donate,  I'm not to sure how many, so I think I will sew until I run out of material.   Sounds good enough for government work to me…

So with this post I ask you to help me out, and to give me ideas of what you think. I have gotten positive results from all of you in the past, so lets keep it going... Share your thoughts...
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