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Monday, June 11, 2012

All the Hoopla is Over

My son graduated this past weekend and I cannot believe how fast the time went by. Now 19 he is working and trying to figure out when the right time is to go to college. He wants to go into Architectural Engineering. He has worked so very hard with many struggles. He has made me and his dad very proud of him... God rest her soul my mom is looking down on him and giving him the guidance he needs to make the right decisions to go forward... Here are some photos from over the weekend. I think he will do very well as long as he follows the good advice he has been given.

Mom, Dad, and Cameron totally psyched

Mom & Cameron

Cameron and Brother Derek

Cameron and his Godmother Karen

He really did get his diploma and it really is signed.

Just the beginning of many happy times for my kid. I guess I can't call him my "Little Dupa" any longer...

Nana got the coolest cake it's made from cupcakes

Proud Grand Parents

Just a photo from the family bar "Cripple Creek"

Totally Official

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Think I Am a Happy Girl

I don't think I can get happier than I am right now... I received and email today letting me know that my quilt guild is going to have news coverage from the TV Station Fox 25...

I am so thrilled to be able to show off my guilds talents. I belong to a guild that truly has incredible talent. They constructed after a very long six month process 15 Valor Quilts for the Brockton VA Hospital. This is to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Here is the basket that will be presented to the Brockton VA Hospital, let me know what you think:

I am happy to be part of a group of women who took the time to make blocks in order for the guild to make lap quilts for solders who come back from combat injured and are in need of rehab in a normally sterile environment. The guild has made it possible for these men & women to have a sense of homeyness while they go through rehab.

I don't think could get any better right now... Kudos to all my guild members who preformed a Selfless Act of Kindness.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Stitch Regulator Is Awesome

A week or so ago my stitch regulator for my sewing maching arrived. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I hardly can stand myself. It works so well... My friend Lee Ann came over to help me out because I am the truest of blondes. I wasn't sure why when I turned on my machine to practice quilting why it was running faster than the speed of light. So she gave me a few pointers, got a practice quilt pinned up and started quilting... I just can't get over how well my stippling came out. Now all I have to do is  practice all the different designs out there... I know Electric Quilt sells a quilt design program, so maybe I can learn waves now that stippling is one design I am pretty use to...
Here are a few pics of the set up I have. It's no long arm but I can say it works just as well for now. You never know, maybe an elf will surprise me one day...

This is the practice quilt LeeAnn and I pinned on.

Don't you just love how perfect this looks. Yeah!!!

Now the only thing that is missing is a pic of me in action. Trust me I will be posting one of me very soon...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Son isn't a Baby any Longer

I cannot believe my son is 19 and his Senior Prom is over and the 9th of June is around the corner. On that day my son Cameron will graduate from high school and begin a new chapter in his life... I thought I would share prom pics from last weekend...