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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Just so had to Share

I must admit my husband was very much trying to save money and reuse something he had gotten from a job site, as he usually does... I such a Duggar... I love to either get free or buy used and save the difference... So when he dug out this old toilet from the shed, I looked at it and said to him do you think honestly I would allow this rusty old thing in my house... I can not think so... His exact words "Honey I promise (you know what happens when hubbys say this) This will be fine.... So as he was trying to clean this and make it look acceptable for me, almost two hours later, he opened the lid and noticed a huge crack on the bowl. All I have to say is yeah a new toilet that is a luxury high more trying to get my poor aching body off this stupid thing that feels like it is on the floor... So with that said I decided to be a good person and recycle, as I think we should try to reuse items and not to damage the earth... I chose to take the toilet from my bathroom, and use it in a very positive way... A twitter friend of mine has told me I should use it a the next back drop for my next quilt... Please share your thoughts...

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