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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swoon Quilt

So with it being the second day of spring, my goal on my day off from work was to do laundry and to sew. Well I guess I did. I promptly woke up at the god awful hour of 7a.m. and made coffee. So much for getting home at 1 a.m. and sleeping in a bit, HA! Anyway I clearly had priorities to follow, coffee was the first thing as I do not function well at all without it. Then I did the mom thing and made sure the boys did their thing for school or work, put laundry in and then without even thinking of anything or anyone else I sat at my machine and started to work on the rest of this Swoon Quilt... I can honestly say with a straight face the quilt top is done!!!!!!! The one challenge I had with this quilt was the cutting. It took forever to cut all the pieces. I however have the OCD factor in me where I have to label absolutely everything. So with that said and done I finally got to sewing. This quilt top took me two months to do because I was having to take things apart and resew, then step away due to frustration... I clearly gave in and completed this... Let me know what you think...

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