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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"My Guest Quilter"

Hello and Happy New Year quilters:

I am beginning a series that I call "My Guest Quilter". For the next year I will be having a guest quilter posted here on my blog. I am hoping to do this every two or three months.

I am so please to announce that after some time and with trying to arrange schedules I have the wonderful pleasure to have someone on my blog who I have followed for a very long time. This lady is incredibly talented and has some of the best ideas going when it comes to free motion quilting.

Leah has not quilted for very long yet her work shows as if she has been quilting forever!

I would love to know where she finds her inspiration so I did some research and found a statement that best fits the answer I was looking for: Actually I found this on her site:

"Inspiration really is everywhere! I keep my eyes open all the time - at restaurants, hotels, parks, even in my own house. It's easy to miss textures you've lived around your whole life, then suddenly the lines connect and it becomes a potential filler design."
"Now with over 365 designs created, the project itself is a source of inspiration. One design can easily lead to three more. Subtle changes in texture and shape, in the way the design is stitched can create an entirely new design."

"When it comes to designing quilts, inspiration comes from my life. I'm currently working through a series of goddess quilts and each one is designed to help me work through a specific issue. Most of these quilts come into my mind fully formed, all I have to do is figure out the easiest way to make them reality!"  I think that says n in a nut shell...
Here are a gallery of some of Leah's designs I hope you like them:
"Echo Feathers"
"Complex Feather"
"Crocus Tail"

Daisey Flow
Leah has some of the koolest designs available. I want to take this time to thank Leah Days for the opportunity to hop on over to my blog and be my guest quilter. She has some of the best youtube videos available... Don't forget to check her out...

Stay tuned for who will be my next guest quilter.

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