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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tip #7

1)  One of my most favorite websites is .  They have so much to offer. One of the things I learned from this site is how you can remove that troublesome sticky residue from a new ruler, or any other tool with a sticker. Irene Kahrs-Moore from All People Quilt has a fabulous suggestion. If you use peanutbutter on the label and let it sit over night, then wash it off, then the label and residue will be gone. I also have another suggestion for removing residue from these items. I use Goo-Gone. A substance you rub on the sticky area and then wash it off.

2)  Do you use steam when you iron your quilt tops when you are creating them? Do you run out of water in the middle of ironing? I often use is a extra water pitcher that I fill up before I go down to my room and iron. So if I am in the middle of my project, I don't have to duck out and take the time to fill up my iron. I have the water right there...

3)  How many times have you made quilt tops but haven't finished them, and then start another quilt? Many of us are guilty of this. I am so gulty... I have four quilts in progress.... How do you keep track of them?  One sure way of doing this is to take what you have made,take a photo or place it in a plastic container or large ziplock bag and label them. Take that bag or container and place in an area where you can label "Works in Progress". This way the quilts are away safe, free away from dust... And you are keeping things very organized.

4)  When designing your quilt do you use a design wall to place what you have made?  I use to use a simple outdoor plastic table cloth, turn it around and place on a table. The felt on the back side of quilt acts as a sticky surface for your block to lie on. The static holds up the cotton. My design wall in my quilt studio is made from plywood, corkboard, and an old plastic table cloth I turned around so the feltty fuzzy side is showing. The picture below is of a quilt that I am making for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. I have tacked it up because it is getting heavy from all that I have put into it. I hope you like it.

So there you have it, my few tips for making your life easier in your quilt studio...