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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sewing Tip # 2

Hello again quilters and fellow sewing buddies. How many of you ponder when you get to the part of the quilt with regards to placing your binding? Do you miter your corners or do you place the corners on top of one another? I will be sharing with all of you how to do binding with mitered corners. This can be ver tricky if you haven't mastered it.  I always have a difficult time making my corners just perfect.

When you are ready to make your binding for your quilt here are some tips that may help you achieve the perfect mitered corners for your quilt...Take your strips of binding and pin them to you quilt with the raw edge toward the outside of your quilt. begn sewing approx. 8" from the beginning of your binding... When you get to your first corner, with your needle in the needle down position and raise your presser foot, fold your binding up and then in the down to align the material with the next edge of your quilt. Continue the same process for all four corners.

When you get approx. to the beginning of where you started, stop and cut your thread. take the two ends and sew them together, and cut remaining material away... Once these two pieces are together you are ready to fold over the the finished binding and blind stitch the otherside onto the back side of your quilt.  The photos below I hope will help you.
I would like to thank Fon's & Porter for sharing their great sewing tips. Their December 2010 issue was filled with a large amount of information including this tip. Please focus on the corner of these picture as this is where it is critical that you sew and fold your binding correctly...

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