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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Blog Tour of Quilts

Good Morning Quilters, Some of my twitter fans and blog followers know we are having a Blog Tour of Quilts. This is an online quilt show. Do you have quilts that you would like to show off? Do you enjoy going to quilt shows?  Well then join me for a Holiday of Quilts Blog Tour. It is very easy to do, the only thing you need to do is post one of your favroite quilts, previously made or that you just made, write a description, and then write in a link to the next blog. So the people looking at the blog will just have to click and look. This will increase blog traffic, if you have a store it will assist in your sales or your services. I have been getting lots of help with my blog lately and I hope I can get all of you out there to participate in the fun.. We can do a contest on each others blogs and have give-aways. Email me privately or DM me on twitter to let me know what you think... I beleive that if you have a Thanksgiving or a Christmas themed quilt or wall hanging you should show it off... If you don't have a themed quilt  to show but want to join in on the fun of a blog tour, then post a quilt you are very proud of and share with other quilters your wonderful talent. I will be sending you information as an attachment with details of links and things to do for your posting.

This event is coming upon us and I would like to remind my fellow quilters to keep in mind the deadlines that creep upon us, and to make sure you have your projects ready to go.

Our tour will be Friday December 2nd at 7a.m. and will run through to Saturday, Dec. 3rd until 7a.m. Come join the fun and show off what beautiful work you all do...Deadline for entering will be Nov. 28th, 2011 at 6p.m. Post should be finalized and ready to go live by Dec. 1st. The extra time will help you organize and tweek any issues...
Send me an email so I can respond and forward an attchment of details. I think this would be a whole lot of fun...

New update: I now have Nine members of the quilting comunity to join us on our tour. Lets get out there and raise that number so we can have more to see...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Frightful Night

I finally finished my wall Hanging called a "Frightful Night"... Fat Quarter Shop has some fantastic fabric and boy is it fun. I think these novelty prints can be made into some great stuff... I do hope you enjoy..


Friday, October 28, 2011

Miss Bailey May 15,1998 to October 28, 2011

A very
loving and compassionate friend. You will be very much missed... Rest well my love...

Fort Worth Fabric Studio ~ Friday Bundle Batch & New Arrivals

Greetings from Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Good Friday Morning from Texas!

Today's BUNDLE BATCH is SWEET DREAMS ~ HOLIDAY STYLE ~ Fast & easy pillowcases for everyone! Check out this week's new arrivals, too!

ON THE HOMEFRONT....It's been a rather un-eventful week, which has been nice! We are still watching the World Series, one more game to go! We are cheering loudly for our Texas Rangers, if they win we will be over the moon!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Dreams pillowcase kits! Choose from 4 Holiday Styles: Seasonal Help, Holiday Sass, Reindeer Bash, and Cup O Joe! Quick & easy projects!

Fresh & fun floral group, love these colors!

New colors & styles in SSI Complements!

Coming March 2012 ~ Star Wars! We have the entire line on order & it is amazing! You can pre-order to reserve your yardage and we'll ship to you as soon as it arrives (no charge until we ship)!

As a sponsor of Quilting Gallery's Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along and Super Deals, we will have a SUPER DEAL each Wednesday through November 30! Check out Celebrate Christmas at the Quilting Gallery for 3 new blocks each week, along with interviews of some amazing designers!

A sweet sale on The Cat in the Hat Flannel! Yardage $7 per yard!


Monday, October 24, 2011

What's new at Fort Worth Fabric Studio

See what's new at Fort Worth Fabric Studio:

October is breast cancer awareness month and we want you to THINK PINK! We've added a delightful new quilt kit featuring sassy pink prints! This *COMPLETE* quilt kit includes everything you need to make Carlene Westberg's Painted Windows, including the BACKING!

For every Think Pink quilt kit purchased through the remainder of October 2011, FWFS will donate $5 to the Avon Foundation for Women.

ALSO AVAILABLE, the FWFS Exclusive Think Pink FQ Bundle (without kit)!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quilt Show Photo's

Photo's, Photo's Photo's!!!

Cape Cod Quilters Guild is holding their 4th Annual Quilt Show: You are invited to view the slide show labled Our Quilt Show Talents on the right side if this post. This slideshow is packed with oodles of photo's of my guilds many talents...

Saturday, October 22nd from 10a.m. to 5p.m.
Sunday, October 23rd from 12p.m. to 5p.m.

It is coming closer and closer... So come see some great quilts!!!

Admission $6.00 Free Parking/ Wheelchair Accessible.

Come see some of Cape Cod's beautiful creations made by local quilters. Over 70 quilts being shown, raffle baskets, and much much more. Come visit our Members Boutique

You will be able to see other photos of beautiful quilts and projects out members have created. This is a picture is of the quilt that will be raffled off on the 23rd of October at our show. My fellow guild members all contributed their time in making this such a beautiful item to help support local non-profit organizations I hope you like...

Quilt raffle proceeds benefit local Cape Cod based Non-Profit Organizations:

We Can: This program empowers women of Cape Cod of all ages to successfully navigate challenging life transitions and achieve lasting positive change through: mentoring, a range of free legal services, workshops, training, and support groups, information and referrals to other resources on Cape Cod.  We invite you to visit the website at:  Located in Harwich,MA 02645.

Animal Rescue League of Boston:
Animal Rescue League is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, crulety, abandoment, and neglect. Located in Brewster, MA feel free to visit their their website at:

Lower Cape Outreach Council:
Lower Cape Outreach Council provides emergency assistance of food, clothing and financial support to individuals and families in:
Harwich, Brewster,, Orleans, Eastham, Chatham, Wellfleet, Truro,Provincetown, which will lead to healthy productive and self-sustaining lives as part of the Cape Cod Community. Visit their website for more information on services at:

Cultural Center of Cape Cod
307 Old Main Street
South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Cape Cod Quilters Guild
P.O. Box 386
South Dennis, MA 02660
or feel free to visit our website:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Can't get over this picture of me!!! I would like to share with all of you the meaning behind this photo. This past Sunday, the 16th of October I was a participant of the "Making Strides Walk" for the American Cancer Society to support Breast Cancer Awareness. I am  a survivor of Breast Cancer and this is my second year being involved in this walk.  I was amazed that I was able to complete the full 5miles. I had not been able to do this before.

This yr. was particularly special for me because my husband walked with me. He is a wonderful person who has always been by my side to give me the strength to go forward. I want to take this time to thank all the people I met this year at the event and for wanting me to be part of their team and for a friend of mine who took this picture of me in front of the Pink Ambulance that came from the company he works for. Thank you to AMR for there support with this event. They rock!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Fun Delivery

I got such a fun delivery today in the mail... I Got the Peacock Lane Green Falling Flowers and Berry Bliss Bali Pops from  "Fat Quarter Shop" today... Do you realize what can be made from the Bali Pops. I can only imagine creating a postage stamp quilt with this... I think I may need more of this, so I think when I place my next order I will add to my list and get another package and some backing so I can use it as a kit for someone... Kimberly has some wonderful items on her online store... I want to thank Kim for all that she does. She is also one of the biggest sponsors for "talknt"...

Sewing Tip # 3

Happy Wednesday Quilters!!!  What are your plans for the day?.. I will be sharing with you a quick tip this week, but invite you first to share with me on this blog the things you have planned for your sewing projects. How many of you have "WIP" works in progress?  Do you ever feel you have one of those projects that you just can't get past? You know it has to be done, but just can't move forward. I have some of these and I have packed them up. I sometimes just need to step away because it becomes very over whelming to think that I need to completing it. My latest work in progress is a "Family Tree Quilt" that I have to without fail finish for Christmas, it is a gift... Tell me what your plans are.

So now back to the tip of the week. This tip is about how to "Miter your Corners" for your quilt. When mitering corners there are a few steps you should follow to insure that they come out precise. I can honestly say I have a very hard time with this. Just add this to the list of many things I need to perfect when making a quilt.

the first step in mitering your corners is to take your material that has been created into a block and fold this in half. Place a pin at the center of the block. Fold a border strip of material in half and mark the center of this with a pin.

Take the two pieces of fabric right sides together and raw edges aligned, match the the center pins from block and border strip. Remember the border strip will extend pass the bock edges. Leave this as is do not trim.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance sew the border strip to the block. Start and stop stitching 1/4" from the corner block, back stitching at each end.

Press the seam allowance toward the border strips in the same manner.

With the right sides of fabric together, fold the block diagonally aligning raw edges of adjacent sides.

Open the seam allowance and align with a ruler along the diagonal fold, and mark a line from the seam to the raw edge. 

Stitch on the line, back stitching at the beginning  and stitching out to the raw edge.

Unfold your block, and make sure the strips lie flat. Correct any stitching if necessary. and trim to 1/4" seam allowance. Miter the remaining three corners, and when finished iron the seams open...

I do hope this does help you to make your quilt as perfect as it can be.

Oh and by the way please don't forget to join me for my Blog Tour of Quilts and show off your most treasured piece of work. December 2 to 3rd I am aiming for a holiday themed quilt but some of us just don't have holiday themed items to show, show what you are most proud of. So with this said I hope you share with all of us a quilted project. I love to share other quilters works of art on my blog. I know so many talented quilters and I look at what they have done. And I have a surprise guest for all of you, who will be featured on my blog for the tour... It simply amazes me to see all the great talent out there... We have 8 participants and I am hoping for many more... I think it will be a great time... For more information email me directly at I can email you the specifics you need... This is very fun, and involves "No Stress"!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Frightful Night Wall Hanging

I am making a wall hanging called "A Frightful Night"  This fabric is from Fatquater Shop called Erie Alley by Robert Kaufman. Thank you to my twitter friend Sharon for assisting me on finding the name of this fabric. I really like it and want to purchase more of it. I still need to add a binding to it, but I thought i would share a s a WIP(Work in Progress).
I do hope you all like...

I found this on a friends wall on facebook and couldn't resist to post here. It is truly perfect and so very true... I just had to share...Plus this photo looks so much like my sister when she was little... Too freakin' cute!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Fun Suprise in the Mail

Today when I got home I looked at the kitchen table and saw a unique package addressed to me. Well I looked at the return address and noticed it was from Texas. Said to myself who do I know in Texas... Well the ole' light bulb clicked on and said "Hey Dummy" you have twitter friends in Texas. I opened the package and saw a wonderful array of treats from my twitter friend Ana Earl... Twitter name: "fishinstitchin" I thought what she sent me was not only very nice, but incredible generous. She knows through Twitter that I am celebrating 4yrs remission from Breast Cancer. What a wonderful person Ana is to out of the blue send me such a nice gift. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for her generousity, and support for this cause... I only hope I can meet Ana in person someday..
Thank you Ana you rock girl...

I got this great looking apron, a fantastic ruler, which by the way is American made(thank you for that, I am all for supporting the American Economy), A post it not holder, Breast Cancer Pins, and pens, a bracelet with pink ribbon charm on it and this awesome bag. The ruler and pens and post it notes and holder all which have the lable of "Stitchin' Heaven".
Go visit the website at and see all that is there to offer...

Ana thank you agin for this wonderful suprise...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Winnie the Pooh Baby Quilt

I made this baby quilt a few weeks ago and finally decided to finish the binding on it. I got this kit probably a year ago and worked on it here and there.  One of the easiest quilts I have ever made. Hope you like...

Sewing Tip # 2

Hello again quilters and fellow sewing buddies. How many of you ponder when you get to the part of the quilt with regards to placing your binding? Do you miter your corners or do you place the corners on top of one another? I will be sharing with all of you how to do binding with mitered corners. This can be ver tricky if you haven't mastered it.  I always have a difficult time making my corners just perfect.

When you are ready to make your binding for your quilt here are some tips that may help you achieve the perfect mitered corners for your quilt...Take your strips of binding and pin them to you quilt with the raw edge toward the outside of your quilt. begn sewing approx. 8" from the beginning of your binding... When you get to your first corner, with your needle in the needle down position and raise your presser foot, fold your binding up and then in the down to align the material with the next edge of your quilt. Continue the same process for all four corners.

When you get approx. to the beginning of where you started, stop and cut your thread. take the two ends and sew them together, and cut remaining material away... Once these two pieces are together you are ready to fold over the the finished binding and blind stitch the otherside onto the back side of your quilt.  The photos below I hope will help you.
I would like to thank Fon's & Porter for sharing their great sewing tips. Their December 2010 issue was filled with a large amount of information including this tip. Please focus on the corner of these picture as this is where it is critical that you sew and fold your binding correctly...

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Work In Progress

I thought I would share with all of you my Family Tree Quilt which will be a Christmas gift for someone special. I added boarders, some more leaves, and I really thought a few pears would brighten it up just a bit. Again it is still a work in progress so I know I need to add a few more items. It is getting closer and closer to being finished.  I hope you like, and please feel free to add a comment.

I have added some more pears and I think I am ready to complete the appliquing of this quilt.
The next step after that is to load on the frame and quilt away... Gee I think I will be done by Christmas...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dying Fabric

 Have you wanted to know a great way to make that bright white fabric a bit more vintage looking? On Twitter there is a woman who posted an entire segment on dying fabric, using tea or coffee. Please read. The information is most helpful. I would like to thank for having this post on her blog. I learn more and more everyday.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tip #7

1)  One of my most favorite websites is .  They have so much to offer. One of the things I learned from this site is how you can remove that troublesome sticky residue from a new ruler, or any other tool with a sticker. Irene Kahrs-Moore from All People Quilt has a fabulous suggestion. If you use peanutbutter on the label and let it sit over night, then wash it off, then the label and residue will be gone. I also have another suggestion for removing residue from these items. I use Goo-Gone. A substance you rub on the sticky area and then wash it off.

2)  Do you use steam when you iron your quilt tops when you are creating them? Do you run out of water in the middle of ironing? I often use is a extra water pitcher that I fill up before I go down to my room and iron. So if I am in the middle of my project, I don't have to duck out and take the time to fill up my iron. I have the water right there...

3)  How many times have you made quilt tops but haven't finished them, and then start another quilt? Many of us are guilty of this. I am so gulty... I have four quilts in progress.... How do you keep track of them?  One sure way of doing this is to take what you have made,take a photo or place it in a plastic container or large ziplock bag and label them. Take that bag or container and place in an area where you can label "Works in Progress". This way the quilts are away safe, free away from dust... And you are keeping things very organized.

4)  When designing your quilt do you use a design wall to place what you have made?  I use to use a simple outdoor plastic table cloth, turn it around and place on a table. The felt on the back side of quilt acts as a sticky surface for your block to lie on. The static holds up the cotton. My design wall in my quilt studio is made from plywood, corkboard, and an old plastic table cloth I turned around so the feltty fuzzy side is showing. The picture below is of a quilt that I am making for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. I have tacked it up because it is getting heavy from all that I have put into it. I hope you like it.

So there you have it, my few tips for making your life easier in your quilt studio...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Uberfest is a Go!!!

Quilt UberFest | Block #1

Have you joined the Quilt Überfest yet? Today's block is from and it's cute. Visit him at I can't get over the look of this block. It is simply gorgeous... The fabric is just stunning. So go ahead and visit Quilt Dad and see his other creations...