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Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome My Blogger Guest

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be over here at Sally's place to share a little organizational tip I got from my friend Gail who is a quilt teacher at The Berry Patch in Fort Worth.
Sally has been doing an organizational series and when she asked for ideas I said I have a way of folding and storing my yardage that works real well.

If your fabric is wrinkled I suggest pressing it first, you'll see why at the end.
Fold your fabric selvage to selvage. You will have a 22" x Length of Fabric (LOF) piece.
Fold the fabric in half again. You will have a 11" x LOF.
Get a ruler, any size will do. I like to use my 8" x 14" ruler. Place the fabric on a table and put the ruler on top of it. Start rolling the fabric around the ruler. Once you get to the end you can slip the ruler out. See next post for give aways, and how you can win.

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