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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekly Organizational Tip #4

I must say that on Tuesday night twitter has a wonderful group of people that sign up for Talkin' Tuesday. This is a website sponsored by Carasquilts, by Cara Wilson. She is a wonderful person to talk to on line, and I am privledged to be part of a great group of very talented quilters and crafters. These people men and women come together on the internet and join in on an open discussion on various topics. I just so happens that last night the discussion circled around the topic of organization. How special for me... I ask for topics from these people so that I may continue to share with all of you on a weekly basis.

The response I got was very good. I got six ideas and so for the next six weeks I will share with all of you an idea given by one of the people, giving them credit for the tip, and put my twist on it. I do hope you enjoy.

Ok so here it goes. The first idea is from Sharon Pernes a twitter friend. She was talking about how to store your fabrics. She said there is a way you can fold fabrics so you can be organized , and keep like colors together I feel that if you store fabrics in a clear container or a zippered bag so that you can see what you have, and lable the outside of the bag with the color or die lot # from the bolt and the yardage, you will then know at a glance if you have the right color and the correct amount for the project you want to start.

If you wish to share your ideas on how to store fabric or organize your fabric, please feel free to share in the comments section below I would love to hear your ideas...
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