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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Finished Background of Pat Sloan's Quilt

This quilt backgound is complete and ready for me to start putting applique pieces on... However I am baffled and stuck. I love how my background very much but I feel that it can stand alone...  Her quilt titled "Ma -Ma's Garden" is an absolutley gorgeous I am displaying the handout Pat gave us in class... this quilt has so much going on but I just can't move forward with my background... Share your thoughts through comments, and follow my blog... You can also find me on facebook and twitter...

So with this photo of Pat's Quilt
you can see how much is going on... I love all of the applique she has done, it is spectacular... I just can't
see myself putting this much on my quilt. What is your thoughts, please share... I invite you to see Pat Sloans blog at to see some her wonderful creations.
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