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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Way to Organize you Quilt and Craft Room

I saw a post on twitter the other day that stated they wished to be organized and stay organized.
There is many was to stay organized. Many of us say that we will have a New Years resolution to become more organized. I became more organized when I left my corporate health care job and took a part time private duty nursing position. I took a long hard look at everything and told my self that I will eliminate what I really don't need and what I haven't looked at in at least two months.

So from that point I started going through everything I owned, all the paperwork, and all my crafts, scrappbooking, stamping items, and quilting. I still have yet gone through everything, but I weed away at least once a week, something that needs to be gone through and pick what I will use in at least the next two months. If I know I won't use it I sell or give to charity.

When I moved into my quilt studio over the weekend I spent many hours going through all the fabric, that was very hard for me to part with some of the items I saw, but I did get rid of some of it. I gave some away to a organization called the Linus Project,and then I have a friend who I am teaching to quilt so I started a bag of scraps for her, so that she would have her own stash. This included thread that matched as well so she would have a great start to her quilting hobby. 

When I was putting things away, I made plastic packages with fabrics. I organized then not only by fabric line but by color. I ended up with six packages of fabric.

With my threads I used a drawer and separated by color group. All of the tread in this drawer is from "Connecting Threads" and is 100% cotton. Then I counted how many bobbins I have and placed a bobbin with each spool of thread so that whenI go to saw I have a bobbin all set with the thread.

I have a temporary cutting station in the room, that will be reloacted due to the size of the cutting board. I have placed in this area all the Items close by that involve cutting: rulers templates, rotary cutters, and the Acuquilt Go! and all of the dies that go with it..

My sewing machine is on a table and I have the case close by. I also have a travel case with wheels next to it so I can be ready to be on the go and slide things right in.

The Biggest Rule I Have: No One Is Allowed In My Room Without My Permission!!

That was one of the things I stated when I moved in. No Children and No Husbands...

The less traffic the less I have to clean up.

So here are some pictures of the organization I have started... Hope you enjoy...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New Quilt Studio

These are pictures of my new
quilt studio from the very beginning. We gutted the old room and started from stratch. So the photos you see show everything that got put into the room. I still have storage units that need to be purchased, but time will tell... I do hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Support of Wounded Worrior Project

 This candle was made to sell at local event to support the Wounded Worrior Project. I started this project a couple of years ago when a local solder passed aay due to injuries sustained in combat while serving in the US Marine Corp in Afghanastan. His dad is a Deputy Police Chief in the town I live in and I am honored to have known this man for the last 37 yrs. His family have given a great deal to our community and this was a way I felt as if I could support this cause.  If you are interested in purchasing this candle please feel free to email me privately at the email address below. These candles are $25.00 and proceeds from the sale of this go directly to to the Wounded Worrior Project in Memory a local hero.

Solder of Valor Quilt

I got the idea for the "Solder of Valor Quilt" from my local quilters guild: Cape Cod Quilters Guild, her on Cape Cod. A member mentioned during one of our meetings asked if anyone was interested in completing this quilt front she was holding up with a very patriotic theme for the Solder of Valor Program. I eagerly raised my hand and said I would love to complete this as I have family members and friends servicing currently in the Armed Forces, and enjoy helping out with any organization dealing with our servicemen and women.  The idea behind this program is to make quilts for injured solders who are in the hospital and are recovering from injuries received in combat. I feel it is a small piece to contribute to make the recovery from injuries for solders go a bit more easily...

Our servicemen and women need as much support as we can give them. They serve our country, give up time from being with their family members, and also there are so many that have given the ultimate sacrifice. I am particularly close to a situation where we lost two local solders, one a Marine and one an Army solder. They didn't get the chance to recover, because they gave the biggest sacrifice one could give... I currently have three that I have contributed, and I hope you enjoy the picture of this quilt located below, and hope to make many more.  Please feel free to leave comments or question I look forward to hearing from you.

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I would also like to take this opportunity to thank two very wonderful people who run the above mentioned blog: Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd. They have a fabulous blog and so interesting to read...