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Friday, August 26, 2016

Island Batik Seaside Summer Blog Hop

Why are we just Spoolin' Around!!! Island Batik couldn't have described this line any better:

Grab those buttons and threads and get ready to get silly with the Spoolin’ Around collection by Kathy Engle! Mocha browns, bubblegum pinks and peony purples are only the beginning. There are soda pop bubbly greens and spinning button teal blues just waiting to be paired with a yarn filled macaroon cream or even a swirled watermelon red. You’ll be tied up before you know it with all the possibilities this collection has to offer

Here is the sample of fabric I received in my box and I can't get over how luscious this line really is.
My project for this blog hop is a sewing machine cover for my newly acquired Bernina Activa 131. 

I never made a cover before so I thought I would give this a try. The colors surprisingly are coordinated with a sewing machine mat I am making to go with the cover. Stay tuned for photos in a future post.

The side sewn to the top.

So I took strips of fabric, batting, and a piece of fabric for the back or the inside part of the cover and quilted as I go. I don't have a pattern for this as I kind of made it as I sewed. But I do hope you all like it... 

The side with the cord.

The front of cover.

And as an Endorsed Designer with Sulky Thread this project was sewn with 30 weight Cotton Cream colored thread. And the binding was sewn with 40 weight Polylite thread. 
I just love being an Ambassador with Island Batik and an Endorsed Designer with Sulky, because I get to share my projects that I make using product these two companies send me... 

And with as hot as it has been here in Massachusetts I thought I would share my all natural salsa recipe.

This recipe is all natural because it has no preservatives and I can it. twice a year my sister and I get together to can tomato sauce, dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, apple sauce and salsa.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

A huge basket of plum tomatoes
jalepino peppers
black beans
And then you will need the stuff like mason jars and a canning kit to can jars of this wonderful stuff. I do a ton of canning and enjoy doing this with my sister Cathy...
Now I hope you all enjoy the remaining blogs:

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Until next month when you see another great Island Batik post. Keep smiling and Keep Quilting from Sally's Quilting Corner

Thursday, August 4, 2016

See What's New With Sulky Thread!!!

Check out the exciting new things happening this month with Sulky Thread:

Check out this video to see what is in store for you when you join in on this class on:

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sulky of America Presents Christmas in July Sale

There are only a few days left Sulky peeps to save on your favorite products that Sulky of America has.

In order to take advantage of the great savings and super selections visit: Sulky of America

Look at what Sulky has to offer.

Sulky has some of the funnest projects available. As an Endorsed Designer I can say I love all of my projects I make using Sulky products. From the Cotton thread to the KK 2000 basting spray that is safe to use without harsh odors, and is safe for the environment...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Christmas In July with Island Batik

Hi ambassadors and quilters, it is wonderful to be back in the swing of things this month. I missed participating last month and I was incredibly lucky to hear from all of my fellow ambassadors. This month's Island Batik Challenge is Christmas in July. I want to begin by saying how wonderful it feels, as hot as it has been in the northeast to sew and machine quilt this project.
I decided to go through my stash that we had and that were labeled "share in July"
I looked through my stash and decided to do a table topper with Christmas Bells and Holly leaves.

 Picking Stash for the project...
 Laying out the design.
 Fusing, applique, and quilting the table topper.
 Sewing of the binding.
 Finishing touches for the binding with some hand work.
 Table Topper without the candle...
Winter candle display on the table topper.

I hope you all enjoy this months project and feel free to view posts from my other Ambassadors:

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's New in Generation Q this Summer

Let be told that it isn't a secret that I am a huge fan of Generation Q Magazine. Jake Finch - Publisher, Co-Founder, Melissa Thompson Maher- Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder, and Community Editor Teri Lucas and the entire staff are what I would call as pretty neat people. As I went today to get the mail from the mailbox, I was completely surprised to see some yummy mail. Yup, it was my Summer 2016 issue of Generation Q Magazine. It is usually mailed in a plain gold envelope. When I opened the envelope to see my yummy reading material for tonight, I had a smile from ear to ear.

 Then I decided to peak through and take a peak at  what was in store for me. Then as I was flipping through, I stumbled upon this beauteous photo.

Yup wanna know how psyched I was to see this, I am still jumping around my house with excitement!!!!! See this quilt was in the September/October edition of Generation Q last fall and was shown all over Quilt Market. That quilt is mine, all mine and I am in awe with the fact that the cover of that issue is in a current issue. I was told my Jake Finch that she was blown away when she saw this design and many others were taken aback by the fact I came up with this. Let be said I can surprise when needed... 

So I just wanted to share a little eye candy and to send a special thank you to all who follow me and to Generation Q Magazine for showing off this quilt... You all just rock!!!  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rain Forest from Island Batik

Evening my quilt peeps. I have to say of all the things I have ever done, being an Island Batik Ambassador is one of my favorite positions I have ever had!!! Being that we get to see what is new and exciting via email makes it more of a treat because we can drool over all the beauty that will be available for sale withing the next few months... Usually fabric & patterns that are featured at Spring Quilt Market will usually be available in the fall and with fabric & patterns shown off at Fall Quilt Market is available late winter early spring. So having the advantage of seeing all the glorious lines of fabric is a definite advantage for sure. This new line of fabric is making me drool uncontrollably. I must admit being a batik hoarder of sorts, makes it hard not to want to order this and every line of fabric. 

So with this I also want to share with you a few projects from Lunch Box Quilts and Kissed Quilts

About Trout by Lunch Box Quilts

So if you love what you see like I do and you want this check with your local quilt shop to see if they will be getting this in... I think I will have to have a few bolts of this lusciousness in my fabric stash... I may just need a vault for all this fabric I want....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy International Quilt Market Spring 2016

Good afternoon everyone I am thrilled to pieces to share with you the first of three exciting things happening here at Sally's Quilting Corner. As Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah comes to an end with me back north home in Massachusetts, waiting with baited breath to see all the photos people take and post onto social media. I am especially anxious to see the AccuQuilt Booth #1643. I am happy to announce that AccuQuilt asked me to make a quilt for them and in their booth where they displayed with their Go! Cubes.  Woot Woot!!! This quilt named The Cutting Edge!!! was a quilt designed for AccuQuilt. It was displayed at Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.  I made this quilt with fabric provided to AccuQuilt by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

The picture is being shown by AccuQuilt's Project Merchandising Coordinator Loretta Pinkard is a lady I met last October at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX. I introduced myself to Loretta and since then I have been collaborated with her on some designs that I soon hope to be accepted. As soon as I hear about an accepted design, I will soon be sharing...
I hope all of you who went to International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City Utah had a successful Market and I do hope you all had a glorious time... For those who will be going to Fall Market in October, I hope to see you there...
Until then stay happy and keep quilting!!!
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