Thursday, April 3, 2014

So Not Quilting But too Cute Not to Share

On Saturday, March 22nd my husband and I adopted our newest member of the family. A rescue pup from Puerto Rico... Rambo now named "Jake" is a Coon hound Pointer Mix. Such a cutie patutie and he and his sibling had a very rough time of it prior to their rescue. I am sharing photos of Jake aka Jake from State Farm LOL!!! he is so filled with piss and vinegar and has blossomed into his own. Training has good and bad days. I suspect we will have to give him more time to adjust. A bit skid dish but I suspect this is from the situation he was in. When I got him I grabbed a quilt to bring him home in and grabbed a quilt I just made. I will tell you this he has made it his own so I guess I need to make a new one... So enough of the chatting let see pics everyone!!!!!

Awh poor pooch after his first bath

 Jake with his siblings

The lady in FLA who worked with rescue league.

 Jake with one of his sisters...

Jake in his new home and conquered the quilt I made.

 He Love everyone in the house this is my older son. Jake looks mighty comfy...

 Well Jake sure likes the camera. He is happy to pose... Stay tuned for other photos to come....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Weaved Quilt

Hello quilters this winter weather in the northeast is so very unpredictable. I have finally finished my Weaved Quilt. and the pattern will be available for sale this week. It is an easy quilt to make and is great for beginners. Here is a photo so I do hope you like it... Want to learn how to make this. Let me know. I can hold a workshop for your group and work with most any size group...

Here it is with binding clips on it. just waiting for the hanging sleeve...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's on Your Cutting Table

Good Morning my friends, what is on your cutting table today. This past weekend I was working on a quilt with fat eighth bundle by Me & My Sister's  Hubba Bubba Fabric . I was thinking of making this quilt and writing the pattern to submit and then a little voice in my head said, "hey you why don't you make this for you" and so I thought why not I wrote the pattern if I want I can self publish the pattern... So that is what I did...

So yesterday I finished the quilt top with borders and last evening I laid out and marked my design on it. Loaded it to the machine and today I will work on finishing the quilting so that I can get this project checked off my list... When all is said and done I will be posting finished photos and information how you can get the pattern. I hope you like it.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Visit my New Website

Good afternoon my blogger peeps I want to tell and share with all of you that I am in the process of constructing a website that will be connected with this blog. The website is being constructed to share photos and to let you all know what I have to offer you and your group or guild. Sallys Quilting Corner is the new site. It is a bit more modern and a nice refreshed look is exactly what I wanted to do to start off the new year with... As on this blog the website has photos and will have updates about some of what is happening. Also on the site is a way you can contact me via email with question and inquiries.

Never fear my peeps I am here to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and to share what I do in the quilting world.  Here is something for those who need to think about the warm weather, since we have had so much snow and rain happening here on the east coast...

Stay happy and keep quilting!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Good Morning my quilting friends. How are you all doing today. If your in the Northeast you are probably dealing with the large scale blizzard we are having. If you are Please all of you be safe, stay off the roads, trust me they are not safe to drive on. I know from experience I was ordered off the road very early this morning and finally got a ride into work from the local police department. Thank you Yarmouth Police for helping me out. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

So what's on tap for today. Since I am at work warm and snuggled in the house with my patient I brought hand work to play with. Baby It's cold outside. So what could be better than to be in a warm house have warm coffee and a sewing project to keep you busy.

And what's better is that when I get home I can do even more sewing and quilting in my new space.

Oh and I just had to share that yesterday I received in the mail a wonderful book from Linda Poole her newest book :
and what's even better is she is having a give away... OMG!!! I couldn't wait to enter this... So if you want to enter a give-away got to Linda Poole and see about getting the book and entering her give-away. I'm telling you, won't regret learning this new technique. I just love everything I have seen... Take a hop on over to her Facebook page at Linda Poole - The Magic of Applique'...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello all of my quilting friends, I want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year.
So with 2013 ending and 2014 starting, what is on tap for all of you. Have you planned what you are going to create this year? Do you have a limit on how many projects you will work on?
Well I can say that I plan on a many new adventures this year. I am working on a quilts that will be solely for quilt show entries, submissions to magazines.  I have six quilts planned this year, yup six so far.
I have a goal to learn a new technique and also to teach more.  So far I will be doing two lectures and two workshops.
Not a bad start for the new year.
Working on my first book, submitting patterns for magazines with hopes of being published again. Share with me your ideas for the New Year. I also want to share that I want to host another Mystery Quilt Along. Stay tuned for the fun we will have and this year there will be more Give-Aways !!!
So share with me some of what you have on tap for 2014.

Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Space

A few weeks ago my husband surprised me with the materials to create my new space for my quilt studio. He plastered a pretty bow on some Sheetrock and wrote "Happy Birthday"!!!

So the next weekend the construction began. I have to thank my husband, my son, and my neighbor for all the awesome stuff they have done for me. They did a fantastic job.
 Eric & Mike working on the strapping.

My Son Cameron and his dad working on the ceiling
 And now the walls, ooh I'm getting excited, one step closer to paint!!!

Tape and Mud

Boys in the spot light Hehehehe!!!!

And we're ready for color, Hmmm! What color will I pick?

Yup Green, This color is called Corn Husk Green, and I love how it turned out...
What a difference when lights are moved: Just had to display hubby's quilt that I made him for

Some of my accomplishments below
And now for storage

So now that this part is done I will continue to stock up the storage and then take more pics.. Stay tuned my quilty peeps... Hope you like the space...