Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Veteran Block Drive

Good Morning Quilters,

 I want to share with you all the block for May. We are well on our way to getting quilt tops put together. You all have done such a wonderful job with the blocks you have made so far. Blocks for March and April are due and if you have participated in the block drive and have blocks sending them would be greatly appreciated. I would love to put the blocks you have into a quilt. So if you have these two months worth of blocks please send my way. If you have a problem or questions you know how to get in touch with me. Northcott Fabric was gracious and sent an entire bolt of fabric for the backing of these quilts.

These are blocks from Laurie one of the quilters who have made these fantastic blocks.

I am gearing up to release May's Block and I hope you all join me in making these blocks.
This coming month the block is smaller and is a we bit of a challenge. Like I haven't done that to you all before. 
This coming month is two blocks you choose which one you would like to make. The soldier is going to be put with other blocks that have been made and the second block is called
 Drunkards Path and will be used to make stripes for a flag. Let me know if you want to join in on the fun and which block you wish to make.

 I am looking for 60 of them in total. I will be providing like always the fabric to make these blocks and the directions I promise I will make the direction more detailed. Cross my heart and hope to well you know what I mean!

So with this month's block since there is more blocks we have longer to do them. I think this could be for the month of May and June. Blocks will be due end of June.

If you want to participate with May and Junes block please connect with me via Facebook or message me on my business page at Sally's Quilting Corner Sew It Quilt It Love It .

Friday, April 17, 2015

You Gotta Check this Out

TGIF Quilters!!! Happy Friday to all my friends out there in Quilt Land. I have to share with you a wonderful blog with an amazing give-away. My friend Linda Stewart Pearl who is super fun and amazingly creative has a give-away on her website. Hop on over to One Circle Quilting
and check this give-away out.

I met Linda through social media and she has given me a ton of great advice. Her knowledge is extraordinary and I have learned a lot from her... Here's a little bit about Linda:
Linda has been a quilt maker for the better part of 20 years, working in traditional patterns and designs for most of that time. While working full time, and being a wife to Mike and a mom to Chris and Andy, she fit in quilting as time allowed while raising her family. She found companionship in the membership she held in two guilds during that time frame, and has to this day a particular affinity for Challenges.
Linda offers a vast variety of services. She can steer you in the right direction with Lectures, Workshops, Shop Hops, Quilt Show and Festivals, and also offers many other services. Check out this link for all that Linda has to offer.
Invite you to follow Linda's blog and to like her Facebook Business Page just click onto the two links to like either one or both... The Patchwork Pearl and One Circle Quilting.
So check her out and see what Linda Stewart Pearl wart is all about. I am very happy to have met her and glad to call her my friend... Thanks Linda for all the hard work you do for everyone...

Monday, April 13, 2015

April PTSD Block Drive for Veteran Quilts

Hello Block Drive members, I have news to share. April blocks have begun to come in and the two designs I have are just amazing! Mary Lou Eustace and Margaret Travis blocks have come in. Mary Lou had hers arrive first so she is the grab bag surprise winner. She has received a Layer Cake bundle of Kate Spain's "Good Fortune Fabric and an autograph copy of May issue of American Quilter Magazine where I had my latest quilt published. Congrats to her for doing such a beautiful job...

Mary Lou made four blocks 6" each and sewed them together to make a 24" square block.
Her design is quite unique and will work beautifully with the panel.

Here are Margaret Travis' Blocks that have applique' circles to it... What a great block. Thank you Margaret for doing such a fantastic job...
I hope to see every one's blocks by the end of the month and can hardly wait to post all the pics... Thank you all again for doing such a great job for such a good cause....

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guess Who got Published Again!!!

As the months carried on through this very long winter we had here on Cape Cod I became more and more anxious upon the up coming publishing of this May issue of the American Quilter Magazine.

May 2015 Issue

So I was thoroughly surprised when a friend of mine congratulated me for my recent publishing of my quilt in this month issue. I am tickled pink as I have been waiting with baited breath for this issue to be published and available.
A Midsummer Nights Dream is one of those quilts I designed two years ago and decided to try to be published again in a national magazine. With much support from many in the quilting community I submitted this and sure enough here it is.
See how very pretty this quilt is I have been dying to post photos of this quilt so I am now going to post a variety of photos. I sure hope you like this quilt as much as I do and please go to your local news stand to pick up your copy of May 2015 issue of American Quilter as all of the projects in this issue are just stunning. Congrats to all the contributors.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Block Drive for PTSD Quilts

Good Morning Quilters,

I have to say I have had a ton of support with the first block
for the PTSD quilts. I want to first say thank you for all your support and the blocks are coming in and they all look just wonderful...

It is time for the second block to be revealed, but there is a twist to it. It is a challenge block. The challenge is that participants will be given material to create 4 blocks 12" square to be incorporated into a quilt with a panel... Quilters choice of design. As long as it is 12" anything goes. Please be sure you use the material provided. as it is donated by Northcott Fabric. I am hoping to have the people who joined in the first block join in on the second block.

So anyone who wants to play this time please let me know on my Facebook page. And if I got overwhelmed with things and forgot someone in the mix with the first block here it is in public: "I am so sorry and I promise to not forget you again" I truly appreciate each and everyone of you for helping with this project.

And it gets even better. Sandra Beck and Robyn Boyd have invited me to speak on their internet radio show on March 30th. Military Mom Talk Radio  ( is an internet radio show that is accessible on Toginet Join in on the 30th of this month 2pm PST and 5pm EST and join in on the chat page. We will be chatting about quilting, memory quilts and quilts for soldiers who suffer from PTSD. I hope this proves to be a successful chat. I have to say a special shout out to Jennifer Brennan from Northcott Fabric who has been so very generous to me and other groups who make quilts for our servicemen and women in the armed forces...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blocks Are Coming In

Hello quilters from very snowy Cape Cod. We had about 10+ inches of snow yesterday and all of us are getting tired of this cold and what typically would be fluffy white stuff that is on the ground. With Spring 15 days away I find it very hard that we will see the normal signs of spring outside for quite sometime, as some of the snow piles outside are up to 8' in height. Yesterday I received on of our participants blocks for the Veterans Block Drive. Margaret Travis from Easy Peasy Quilts one of my feature quilters from last months posts sent me her blocks and they cam out just awesome.

Her four blocks will be incorporated into a quilt using Northcott Fabric panels from their Stonehenge Line of patriotic fabric. Northcott Fabric has been so super generous to donate all the fabric from this line to help support this project to make quilts for Veterans who suffer from PTSD. This goes in collaboration with a book I am beginning to write called "Quilts Heal Too"
We all must remember the gift of a quilt can be very soothing, comforting, and make the stress of everyday life go a little bit easier for those who suffer from PTSD. It is not only the Veteran who suffers from this but the family as well who has to endure watching their loved one who suffers.
This is a very important subject that is very near and dear to me and I want to do something that will make that one soldier feel that much better...
Thank you all who have decided to participate and remember blocks are due to be mailed out by the 31st of this month. In a few weeks I will be making a post about our next block. This one seemed to be a little bit of a challenge for some so next months will be super easy. Stay tuned for what's to come...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's Hump Day

Good Morning all, how is everyone this morning? I wanted to check in with everyone to see how things are going with those Veteran Blocks. I have heard from most everyone who has participated. Some of you have finished and they are on their way back to me so I can incorporate them into a quilt. I also want to share with you that Northcott Fabric has sent me more fabric for the next installment of quilts to be made... I am well on my way to finishing the design for the next block for April.

***Note that this block drive will be going on until November and the week of Veterans Day I will be making a very special post. So stay tuned***

This block will prove to be awesome for the panel that it will be matched up with. And I want to thank the 8 participants who are involved with this project. As soon as these tops are completed I will be posting pics on my Facebook page at:
Hope you all have a wonderful day...