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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's New in Generation Q this Summer

Let be told that it isn't a secret that I am a huge fan of Generation Q Magazine. Jake Finch - Publisher, Co-Founder, Melissa Thompson Maher- Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder, and Community Editor Teri Lucas and the entire staff are what I would call as pretty neat people. As I went today to get the mail from the mailbox, I was completely surprised to see some yummy mail. Yup, it was my Summer 2016 issue of Generation Q Magazine. It is usually mailed in a plain gold envelope. When I opened the envelope to see my yummy reading material for tonight, I had a smile from ear to ear.

 Then I decided to peak through and take a peak at  what was in store for me. Then as I was flipping through, I stumbled upon this beauteous photo.

Yup wanna know how psyched I was to see this, I am still jumping around my house with excitement!!!!! See this quilt was in the September/October edition of Generation Q last fall and was shown all over Quilt Market. That quilt is mine, all mine and I am in awe with the fact that the cover of that issue is in a current issue. I was told my Jake Finch that she was blown away when she saw this design and many others were taken aback by the fact I came up with this. Let be said I can surprise when needed... 

So I just wanted to share a little eye candy and to send a special thank you to all who follow me and to Generation Q Magazine for showing off this quilt... You all just rock!!!  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rain Forest from Island Batik

Evening my quilt peeps. I have to say of all the things I have ever done, being an Island Batik Ambassador is one of my favorite positions I have ever had!!! Being that we get to see what is new and exciting via email makes it more of a treat because we can drool over all the beauty that will be available for sale withing the next few months... Usually fabric & patterns that are featured at Spring Quilt Market will usually be available in the fall and with fabric & patterns shown off at Fall Quilt Market is available late winter early spring. So having the advantage of seeing all the glorious lines of fabric is a definite advantage for sure. This new line of fabric is making me drool uncontrollably. I must admit being a batik hoarder of sorts, makes it hard not to want to order this and every line of fabric. 

So with this I also want to share with you a few projects from Lunch Box Quilts and Kissed Quilts

About Trout by Lunch Box Quilts

So if you love what you see like I do and you want this check with your local quilt shop to see if they will be getting this in... I think I will have to have a few bolts of this lusciousness in my fabric stash... I may just need a vault for all this fabric I want....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy International Quilt Market Spring 2016

Good afternoon everyone I am thrilled to pieces to share with you the first of three exciting things happening here at Sally's Quilting Corner. As Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah comes to an end with me back north home in Massachusetts, waiting with baited breath to see all the photos people take and post onto social media. I am especially anxious to see the AccuQuilt Booth #1643. I am happy to announce that AccuQuilt asked me to make a quilt for them and in their booth where they displayed with their Go! Cubes.  Woot Woot!!! This quilt named The Cutting Edge!!! was a quilt designed for AccuQuilt. It was displayed at Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.  I made this quilt with fabric provided to AccuQuilt by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

The picture is being shown by AccuQuilt's Project Merchandising Coordinator Loretta Pinkard is a lady I met last October at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX. I introduced myself to Loretta and since then I have been collaborated with her on some designs that I soon hope to be accepted. As soon as I hear about an accepted design, I will soon be sharing...
I hope all of you who went to International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City Utah had a successful Market and I do hope you all had a glorious time... For those who will be going to Fall Market in October, I hope to see you there...
Until then stay happy and keep quilting!!!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just a Little Tip Toe Through Tulips

May's Challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors was Playful Paper Piecing.  We had so many ideas that we could have designed from.  I decided to do a foundation paper piecing project, though I might embellish my project for a bit of fun. I decided on creating a mug rug, which is a fitting because I drink a ton of coffee and do use mug rugs. However with this project I had some all natural iced tea.

I am pretty happy at how this came out considering I just had surgery a week ago today. The fact I can even sit at a sewing machine after double meniscus repair surgery is wild and I am thrilled I was able to complete this...

This project was named Playful Paper Piecing so who can't have fun playing with shoes.

The fabric I chose for this project just screamed pumps. A shoe I haven't even thought to wear for close to thirty years. But I saw this and just had to make...

Check out the other blogs from other Ambassadors and check out what they have to share.

Friday, May 13, 2016

A New Life A New Beginning

Well quilters, I am here again to share with you a turning point in my business life. Where would I be if I didn't have the tenacity or drive to go forward. Where would I be if I didn't forge ahead or knock on doors. Many of the people I have run into in life have told me I have been pushy, rude, bothersome, and intimidating. I am blessed to know many of you in this business. I think I have gained great respect from many of you. And I think unless I am completely crazy I think many of you think of me as a down to earth individual.

Today on Facebook, there was a photo with a statement on it that said today is the Close Friend Day"

I am blessed because I received this back to me from one of my Facebook Friends Januari Rhodes. She is a quilter that I met on Facebook and she has given me a ton of guidance with regards to my quilting questions. With many early coffee chats that Januari and I have had, she and I seem to get along quite well here and I hope I get to sometime meet her in person. She seems to be quite down to earth herself.

After chatting today with her and with other people on Facebook I have decided to create a new banding and logo for my quilting business. This will include a new logo, new business cards with new logo, and the logo will follow brochures and post cards. And if that isn't enough maybe a banner will be done sometime. One of my goals is to teach at national shows. I am keeping fingers crossed for AQS week for 2017.

I keep my fingers crossed and dreams within reach as I accomplish my goals... I did reached one of my goals this year which I was skeptical that it may even become reality. I hosted my own weekend Spring Quilt Retreat. I have to say it was a huge success and the hotel treated us with 5 star patrons. I can't say enough for the Hampton Inn in Yarmouth, MA. The General Manager of the hotel is the sweetest person I know and making bags for her charity was an easy task, and not a requirement by any means but I was happy to help her out, as I have done in the past...

So here goes the grueling task. I will be sharing on social media and posting an update frequently here on my blog. and spreading the word on my newsletters. If you don't already subscribe to my newsletter and want to email me at: and in the subject line write Newsletter. Also if you want to see something for sale on my online store. Email me about that too, I would love to hear from you.

So I am reaching out to all of you who know and respect me. I am seeking ideas for a new logo. Want this journey to be that of a positive one. I want to hear from you... Give me your thoughts ideas and concerns. I really want to hear from you....

As I will often say to you all stay happy keep smiling, and keep quilting!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

So Rain drops keep falling on my head!, and April Showers do bring May flowers, whether some believe it or not... As some of you know I have had a trying and emotional few weeks. saying good bye to my youngest who joined the military. He is doing awesome and I could be more proud. I have been working like a dog on my business and trying to keep up with oh so many projects... With that said, I am torn as whether or not to zig zag  the edges or to put ric rack. But for now I would like to  share my April Showers Quilt with my fellow Ambassadors. I fittingly enough call this project "Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head" With the amazing colors that were provided to me I start off with the vibrant blue sky, the brilliantly glowing orange in the sun, The simplicity of the colors in the flowers, and the fact that the umbrella not only symbolizes the how many of you in this elitist group have covered me with the utmost of support. More so than others as I do have a truly tremendous friend here, and she knows who she is... Truth be told I couldn't have done as much with my business without her.

The little dude below is a sad ghost who like many of us hate to be rained on, and wouldn't want any of us to have anything to rain on our parade. I do hope all of you like this project and I want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy May Day this coming Sunday. I will be hanging with my oldest who will turn 23 on Sunday

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

So Good Things do Happen to Those Who Wait!!

In 2010 my life took a very different turn. I decided to leave long time health care to pursue a totally different career. I had no idea what I had planned on doing after leaving my job, however I think I have chosen a career that suits me very well. Truth be told I do have a long line of very talented people in my family. Artists, musicians, cooks, builders, and crafters alike. I suppose picking the art of designing and quilting is something I feel has shown me, my friends, and family as one that comes naturally.

My first quilt I made totally came out super ugly, and I am talking the sewing, the seam allowance, and the quilting, however I made the quilt top, quilted it by watching YouTube videos and bound it... I wasn't very happy with how it turned out. And just for clarity and explanation the little white feet on the left side of my quilt is my son's. He was helping me hold this up while my husband was taking the photo. This was a block of the month for advanced quilters called "Imperial Splendor" from JoAnn Fabrics.  I had fun doing this quilt from beginning to end. But after I finished this quilt I knew from that point I wanted to learn more and more about this art.

See those little white feet!

So now 6 years into quilting 6 quilts being published, two radio interviews on Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck & Robin Boyd, teaching, lecturing, and doing everything quilting, I have figured out this is what I was put on earth to do. Whether it is writing a story, designing a pattern or just quilting a customer quilt, I feel things have turned in a very positive direction.

All good things do come to those who wait. This a true statement. I was told this from many different people in this business. I was also told ask questions. If you don't you will never know the answer. So I read articles, chatted on line with people, took classes, watched You Tube videos. Soon I had the answers to question that have puzzled me and other wanting to learn how to do things in this field. I am thrilled on how far I have gotten in such a long time. I was told by an editor from a magazine that I often look at. "Sally, look outside the box" Don't just look at design or color. Look at what speaks to you". The depth of design and color does flow into one another. I have learn so much from so many this particular person had me think so much outside the box that I submitted a design to this magazine and with a huge surprise I made cover in this magazine...

Not too sure whose legs those are but my quilt sure looks awesome!

I was stunned beyond belief that I made cover to begin with but what the Publisher wrote made me even more of a blubbering idiot. She wrote such a beautiful introduction in the magazine that I just had the hardest time containing myself. Yes Jake you made me cry... But I was super thrilled at what she had to say. See for yourself:

" Sally's incredible quilt is the story of persistence and creative sketching. A long time Q-bie, Sally wanted to be published in Gen Q. We love when new designers share their talents with us but we do ask that the designs submitted are consistent with our niche- modern or contemporary. Sally sent us a couple of ideas but through her enthusiasm and positive nature won us over, what we saw was far more that traditional that what we choose for publication. Not wanting to discourage her, we coached her a little. Play more with solids we said. Experiment with color-bold bright are good starts. Look at the secondary patterns that come from your blocks. Three years after her first submission, we got this. Oh. My. Gawd!! We were knocked silent-not normal circumstances for us. This quilt is absolutely one of our favorites, and not because we love Sally. It's bold, it's brilliantly simple-just one block repeated. It's gorgeous! We couldn't be more proud and honored; That's the truth."

I was more that overwhelmed with what Jake had written. She and Scott Hansen have been my coaches, my true supporters throughout my career. I truly love and care about the entire staff. Teri Lucas and Melissa Thompson Maher also have been super awesome to me. giving me strong advice to continue the passion I have for all things quilting and to continue my other passion of supporting our veterans.

Their inspiration and support have encouraged me to follow my passion. So much so that I have continued to submit to Generation Q Magazine and other magazines. I have begun the first of two books one on a collection of my original designs and the other is somewhat educational but also has quilty stuff in it.

On top of all the above goodness I have also been selected as an Endorsed Designer for Sulky Thread of America and have also had discussion about being an Affiliate with Sulky... Both exciting and fun positions to be in. The other great thing that has happened is that I am a Brand Ambassador for Island Batik. This is a super fun position and I am having the time of my life being part of Island Batiks group of talented designers. I have posted my first project in March of this year called " March Mini Madness" I was given instructions as to what the project need to have in it and dimensions. Here is what I made for my Mini Madness project.

Soon I will be posting my April Showers project for April. I have to say Katie Laughridge and the entire group of Ambassadors and Staff at Island Batik have made my experience super awesome.

If that isn't enough I have even more news to share... Goodness I have a lot to say this morning...  I have been working on projects for AccuQuilt for Spring Release. Stay tuned for pictures and all yummy goodness coming from me and AccuQuilt. And for the Cherry on top of the Sundae,  my quilt that made cover of Generation Q was accepted into Vermont Quilt Festival.... Yes Stairway to the Galaxy is traveling to Vermont. So yes another happy dance is in order...
So I am happy to see it in a judged show. I have fingers crossed for a ribbon on this bad boy!!! So fingers crossed my friends I really want this...

So I am really saying this LOUD & PROUD!!! Good Things do Come to Those Who Wait!!!